Way of Love

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Love has always been the theme of life that will never be worn out. Especially among teenagers, love is a beautiful theme in their lives. In this youth is usually a human tasting sweetness of love at once, feeling what it's like to be bitterly unfair Although it is often discussed this love theme, but it is difficult to define the word of love that gives us life But I just handed it to you to do a few words to reveal what I know about love. Well, trying to dive back the meaning of love, whether love is like a father working all day out of the house. In the middle of the point of finishing his job, love comes closer. Although tired but he kept maximizing his job just to please the boy and his wife at home and remember someone waiting at home, he worked harder and tried. Is the name of love??, or someone so sensitive approached by love. Because it's not good to keep the view as sharia rules, the face of a man successfully recorded through the eyes then transferred and stored in Someone who recorded it has a point of charm and was able to capture when the senses saw it. That's what makes a person in love with love in nature. It suddenly became poetic, suddenly being a singer or something.. something.. like he said, tea, hehe. Like this is love?... but love like this can be " illness?... Though it's not medical, he sometimes raises other symptoms that cause the owner to be sick. Shit! This kind of love must be treated immediately on the path of Islam that becomes the antidote and the main medication.

There is also a love that grows and grows in the middle of a Muslim brotherhood even though they are distant and not blood but the power of love is binding and gathers them in a ceremony, review, and fought together in creating a token of love that has tied them in love It has been as by Anas ibn Malik, he said that someone asked the prophet shallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam, " when is the day of judgment, o messenger?" he shallallahu' alaihi wa be said, " what have you prepared for He replied, " I am not prepared to face the day of prayer, and much charity. But what I prepared was the love of God and his messenger." he shallallahu ' alaihi wa be said, " then you will be along with the one you love." Bukhari no. 6171 and Muslim no. 2639)

Defines the meaning of love is strengthening the imagination of a person who sometimes leads to something impossible to be possible, making weakness into strength, complement the imperfections to be perfect in the name of Amazing. Yup from some research on the meaning of love through a guide book that bernuasa Islam, so I call love is obedience and sacrifice. The reason, because love is faith, talking faith is a talk of life. So that love is the spirit that gives life to life! Yes love comes from her. To make someone interested in us, the trick is to find his attention. Be good to him, so he will be given a heart. Until it gets more sticky and closer. But this way is not a tips for teens and remaji whose heart is blossoming with her lover. Not at all, for courtship is the path to fornication and it is clear. But the heart tends to love those who do good to him. And most important is that such love is love for God. The love of someone who likes to do good to him, it does. But let the love of God be established. And the love of his brother is equal to his brother. If his brother is among the sholeh and the pious, he will be more in love. On the contrary, his love will be reduced to insubordinate and insubordinate. This is the love of God.

Brother, kutitip salam and love for all of you. God, our love is our love of one who is on for you. May we meet and be gathered in the garden of heaven. Amen.[Nura Inqilaby]

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