Want to keep your kidneys healthy? Do 5 of these cheap tips

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Kidney is an important organ in our body. Kidneys are working to maintain blood chemistry and keep the blood circulation clean by removing the "rubbish" raised in blood. Every day, our kidneys process or sift over 200 liters of blood, not a little bit of course.However, unfortunately we often do not remember to preserve kidney health so that it can function optimally.      

There's actually a simple tip to preserve our kidney function, which is:

1. Sugar is under control: High blood sugar rate can make the kidneys work too hard to disrupt his work in general. It is because of the high blood sugar rate that makes the kidneys filter out too much blood (high volume). When your kidneys work too heavy, your performance will be down and there will be a leak from saringannya.

2. Infection Infection Fixed or better to be avoided. Urine infection is generally occurring as a result of bacteria. When this infection is not handled then bacteria cause the infection can move up and infect the kidney so that the kidney function is disturbed. The easiest way to prevent the infection infection is to drink enough water every day or at least 8 Cups every day and keep hygiene.

3. Hypertension. High blood pressure or hypertension causes our hearts to work harder than usual and in a long term can damage the blood vessels in our bodies. When the broken vein is in the kidney then kidney function will be disrupted. It will then be able to raise blood pressure as well as to be a vicious circle.   

4. Stay away from drugs or food or drink as "poison" kidneys. Keeping what we eat is very important in helping kidney work to keep working optimally. Soft drinks, alcohol, and a few high-energy energy drinks can affect kidney functions in long-term.       

5. Drank enough water. Drinking water as a recommendation, which is 8 Cups a day will help relieve the kidney function and also prevent the mineral buildup which could result in a kidney stone.       

A healthy lifestyle is something that can easily be remembered. It can actually be an acronym or a mule bridge from an explanation of healthy lifestyle, which is:

S Balanced.

E - get rid of cigarettes.

H-avoid stress.

A watch the blood pressure.

T - regular exercising. And in fact, healthy is cheap, isn't it? It hurts!        

Keep your health every day by drinking the hexagonal water and minimize the use of chemical medicine that doesn't need your body so kidney work will also be lighter

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