Understand Husband Communication

By iwan januar

For the spouse of the style of communication is vulnerable to the cause of conflict. Start from a little storm to lead to a divorce, it could start from miscommunication. Just because it's wrong to catch a couple's faces, the commotion can start. Until the worst is wrong to catch a partner's intent.

The husbands and wives of God.,., men and women are created as human beings who have the same potential of life. There is a physical requirement and there is also an instinct. But men and women have a way of thinking and communication that turns out differently.

. It's not because their brain is different as a much more developed theory, which mentions the brains of men and women are different in the use of the ' right ' and ' left Recent research shows men and women have the same brain (https://www.cnnindonesia.com/gaya-hidup/20151203091356-277-95659/otak-pria-dan-wanita-ternyata-tak-jauh-berbeda/).

But indeed God provides a different way of communicating between men and women. For example when a woman is pissed at her husband, then she uses the style of "Rubber Bracelets" on her husband. Suppose He'd say, " yes, if you do, I'll just go home to the old man's house!" actually don't really want to go home to his parent s' house. His wife said, " it is better for him, in his heart that he may approach him. This is the logic of "Rubber Band"; withdraw and release. It's just, for a man that can signify the challenge of war. If the husband goes off, it's not possible he will deliver or send his wife home. For Real.

But in this article I ask the wives to learn more to understand the style of husband communication. Hopefully it helps our communication with couples, so we can understand each other and not hate each other.

1. Men speak as necessary, for women to talk is entertainment. When my daughter had reached puberty I was more aware that he was happy to speak. When I ask one thing the answer can be two pages of Indonesian lessons. It's what I didn't meet on my two boys who reached puberty. They really talk when they feel it needs to be discussed. Sometimes it's a long story, but more often.

Because the wives don't get upset when it's long x wide send a chat but the answer from the husband is just " okay ", " yes, baby " or " in a little while ". the man does communicate properly, won't get mouthy if he . So do not drown in your own negative assumptions when your husband is more frequent in words.

2. Men are easier to understand a straightforward language, not camouflaged. When he gets hungry and invites his friends to eat, the man will say, " I'm hungry, let's eat?" To the point. While women often talk to a faint language because there is a feeling of shame. When a woman gets hungry and asks her husband to eat, then the question is, " you are hungry?"

This cryptic language style has been miscommunication. If you don't learn how to understand it can end up.

3. Men will be alone when there is a problem, while women will tell stories. Still activity or berkhalwatnya messenger of God. In the cave of hira? When it felt that the people of Mecca had a problem with the social life order, he did not invite his wife, khadija ra., discussed, but chose to be alone in Think of a possible solution.

Men generally. When facing the problems of husbands tend to be silent, think to find your own solution. They refuse to engage others including wives to find a way out. Usually will sit in the favorite seat, on the porch or back home, take care of plants without talking, etc. But under the circumstances, their brain revolves around looking for solutions.

Sometimes they also play games for relaxation. Really, in this condition, your husband looks really shitty. Selfish and angry at the wife. I'm not.

In this condition his good wife gives a man's chance to be in his own mind for a while. Asking them to talk about the matter could have offended them.

Give me a slight massage on the shoulders or the head of the husband, make his favorite drink, then whisper it to his ear, " tired I'm in the next room if you need me." then leave it for a while. Not how long you, the wives, would be surprised they've come back warm and cheery. Means their problems are solved.

Don't they want to discuss the matter with couples? There's a time they want to talk when you think you're competent at the trouble he's facing.

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