By: arief b. Iskandar

In the Qur ' an. Say, " why do the scholars and rabbis not forbid them to utter falsehood and consume what is unlawful? Evil is what they used to do. (TQS AL-cattle [5]: 63).

(Muhammad), he is the most merciful. To the scholars who did not uphold the activities of enjoining good and forbidding wrong. He said, " O my people! (Al-Qurtubi, Tafsîr Al-Qurtubi, VI / 237).

Imam Al-Bukhari meriwayatkan that the Prophet Muhammad saw. It has require to jarir ibn Abdillah-when it comes to his membaiat over Islam-to deliver advice to every Muslim. (Al-Bukhari, Shahîh Al-Bukhârî, I / 22). In This Hadith, advise every Muslim requires as one of the form of loyalty on Islam. In other words, someone has not been told the perfect loyalty to Islam if ignoring any Muslim counsel. It shows how great the attention of Islam is against a fellow Muslim advice. It is reasonable because, as the word of the prophet saw. Own, " AD-Dîn Nashîhah (religion's advice)."

Caliph Umar Bin Abdul Aziz ra. Understand the meaning of this hadith. In the past, he has treated the evil-doers in the same way. Both deserve sanctions on the world. In time, the state police once came to a group of people who were drunk by drinking khamr, while beside them sitting around a Muslim who wasn't drunk; he was even fasting. At the time, the Caliph told the police to whip them all, no exceptions. Police officers say, " Amirul believers, this john doe is not drunk with them; he is even fasting."

Caliph Umar said, " bring him and cambuklah! Does he not hear the word of Allah? Allah has sent down to you in the Qur ' an, that if you hear the revelations of Allah, they will not be able to sit with them until they enter another conversation. . If you do so, you are equal to them. (Qs an-Nisa ' [4]: 140)."

(O Muhammad saw), and he said, " O my people!

Indeed, they are the wicked. That is why the messenger of God. Has obliged the Muslims to do the right thing for this kind of ruler. He said, " O my people! (hr at-Tirmidhi and al-NASA ' I).

Huthaith. Is among the people who are very understanding. Therefore, when he witnessed the wrongdoing of al-Makkah. Because of his attitude, he will then be presented to al-Hajjaj. At the time, Al-hajjaj asked, " what do you think of me?"

With said, " I think that you are the enemy of God on the face of this earth. Thou hast destroyed all that thou hast destroyed.

Al-hajjaj asked again, " then what would you say against amirul mukminin Abdul Malik ibn Marwan?"

He said, " I will say that he is a sin greater than you, and you are nothing but the source of all mistakes!"

Heard that, Al-Hajjaj ordered his subordinates, " siksalah him!"

Even if he was tortured instantly until his spine was crushed and his flesh peeled off. Al-Ghazali, ihyâ ' Ulûm-birds, II-346).

That is the right thing to understand that the best of what you have done is wrong.

Surely the Muslim of the Muslims is far greater than the tyranny of al-hajjaj or the Caliph Abdul Malik ibn Marwan. Because, no matter how inequity the Muslims are in the future of Islam, they never do not apply the laws of God, as Muslims today. The Muslims are clearly enforcing the law of disbelief.

But alas, many of the Muslims, especially the ulamanya, who speak of the evil of the current rulers. There are many of them who guard (against evil). However, they do not have the right to have the right to be done.

Attitude is clearly mistaken. Hudhaifah Ibn Al-yaman ra., a friend of the messenger of God. Your Lord, even he calls for those who do not deny evil with his hands, not with his heart, nor his heart. Al-Ghazali, ihyâ ' '-birds, II-311).

'the undead' must be a very rude and insulting term. However, that's a very friendly gesture. Your Lord and his father, his life is seen in the same way; his life is not different from his absence. Na ' ûdzu min dzâlik!

Result, let us prove that we are not the undead! []

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