Ulil amri and vision Islamic leadership

By Dr. Ahmad Sastra
Head of research and literacy forum of Indonesian Islamic doctors

Being a Muslim and a believer is to be a man who is aware of what is in the heavens and the earth. Being a Muslim means ready to stay tied to the Islamic teachings. This is the consequence of Islam.

Islam is the true and perfect religion because it comes from God the perfect. Islam is the guide of life to the world of the next. And the remembrance of Allah will give birth and misery.

And whoever turns away from my remembrance, for him is a narrow life, and we will raise him on the day of resurrection in blind ". (QS DAY: 124)

Leadership matters in Islamic view is a very important thing. The importance of leadership in Islam, when the messenger dies, the best friends put the body of the messenger for two nights to consult the leader of the leadership of the messenger of the messenger and chosen the ashes of Abu Bakr syidiq to

The leadership of Islam is to set up human affairs in order to align with Nash the Qur ' an and there is no chaos and strife. Rosulullah ordered us to raise one of the leaders on a journey. Islam has commanded us to obey God, the messenger, and to those in authority. (Allah) said: O ye who believe! Obey Allah and obey the messenger, and those in authority among you. (Qs an nisaa: 59).

This verse gives us an understanding that it is mandatory for us to obey the those authority or leader among us. In a language (literally) those authority means a ruler or a person who holds affairs. The leader of Bukhari and abu ubaidah has the meaning of people who were entrusted to take care of the people he LED.

Abu Hureyrah feel those amri as al umara (Ruler). Maimun Ibn Mahram, and he who is in the house of abdillah. Whereas Mujahid and Abi Al Hasan feel word to authority as al ' Ulama. In other history, Mujahid claims that they are Rasul's friends. When feel those is more specific in Abu Bakr and Umar bin khatab.

Ibn Abbas feel those those as al umara wa al wullat or the authorities. The context of this sentence has also come to terms of obeying the authorities. But are all leaders and rulers of ours to obey?

Sayyidina Ali Ibn Abi Talib, karamallahu wajhah in the interpretation of the Quran al baghawi explains that a priest or leader of the country is required to rule according to the laws that God has sent down, and to

If he does that, then the people are obliged to listen and obey. Do not say, " do not obey God

When the word of the messenger of God has come to you. He is in the state of Islam.

Rasululah is an exemplary leader in Islam which is entirely within the law of God's revelations in order to govern all human affairs and the world, not with Thus, in the context of today, a leader we are obligated to obey is a leader who controls his government, economy, social, education, foreign politics or other sharia law for the Qur ' an and al hadist.

In other words a Muslim leader applies Islam to Islam. In addition to that leader must also be a Muslim, male, free, reasonable, attains, fair and capable.

As a Muslim is already memestinya we are fully aware to be bound to the rules and laws of God in act and act as small. All our attitudes and actions should be based on evidence so that we do not fall into action which is prohibited by Allah.

For all the actions we choose will be asked for the next time. If we have done what we have done, we have done it.

Being a leader or or obey the leader is the deeds that will be asked to be questioned. Error Selecting leaders who do not apply Islam will be asked to be questioned.

Islam instructs us to enter Islam in Islam. Udkhulu Fissilmi Kaafah. The life of this world, and peace be with Allah.

It is in line with the promise of God
If the people of the land had believed and guarded (against evil), we would surely have bestowed upon them blessings from the heavens and the earth, but they denied it, so we seized them for what they used to do (Qs al a ' RAF: 96)

So that God may not be able to do so. The terms of authority are the terms of the Qur ' an which contains the value of Islam, not another value. Because it's the leadership in the sekulerisme system, capitalism and communism does not include those.

The ruler who does not apply Islam is not only going to cause people's misery, more than that we can't choose to follow. [# Ahmadsastra, kotahujan, 07/11/17: 07.40 pm (JKT)

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