To Keep your Husband in Love

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - In human beings there are two potential impulses that always encourage themselves to do activities and demand pemuasan.      

First: physical need (Hâjah Al-' Udhawiyah) like eating, drinking, and shitting.       

Two: the instinct that demands fulfilment only. One of these instincts is gharîzah an-Nau s' (instinct to defend the human species), which one of the perwujudannya is the emergence of love / affection, among other husbands.      

It's different with self-preservation urges, such as people want to eat because of the hunger from within him, the new sense of instinct will appear if there is a stimulus from Also with love. Love between husbands must always be stimulated and cultured so that the household life runs in harmony.       Ten Tips to make your husband more love

1. A husband with all his glory has been created as a leader for the woman.       

Family is like a ship, then there must be a menahkodainya. That's the husband that's going to take him where the ship docks.       Therefore, his wife must abide by his husband, except in sin. Messenger of God. Said:      

If I had commanded someone to bow down to one another, I would have made a woman prostrate to her husband. (hr at-Tirmidhi).   

2. Good to keep him as a mother ([UN]).     

The main task of a mother is taking good care of the physical and psychological, raising and educating her children. This task cannot be ignored.     

In order to be happy, the child should always be well maintained, as well as a psychological state.      

It would be very bad, surely if a husband comes home to see the children who still look dirty because it hasn't showered in the afternoon, or crying won't stop just because his mother is not sensitive to      

Agility and austerity mother when the morning must prepare the children who are leaving the school will also make the atmosphere feel fresher. That way, the husband will also feel calm when will begin his activities.      

3. is good at keeping your duties as a home manager (Rabbah Al-Holy).   

The house will be very comfortable if it's always a set-up, neat and clean. The physical house is certainly not a major requirement.      

What's important, how a wife can manage and keep home cleaning so all members of the family, including husbands, settling in.     

4. Good self, honor and husband's treasure.      

When a husband is not at home, his wife must be able to protect themselves and the wealth of your husband.      

It doesn't mean to receive a guest at home or doing an activity that doesn't benefit, such as talking to-Ngidul with a neighbor who sometimes accidentally tells me about the bad husband or family.       

Messenger of God. Said: There is no substitute for a believer after a wife who is better than a wife. (Hr Ibn Majah).    

5. Reward and surprise.       

Everyone, no exception, very happy to be rewarded. Award is not always in material form, but it can be a compliment or a friendly hug. Try to bring it to him when he is willing to take care of the children.      

Send an sms full of pride when a husband is finished filling out an event before the participants give applause; or give a special gift at a specific moment.    

6. is fun to be seen.      

Prophet Muhammad saw. Said: The world is an ornament and the best jewelry of the world is a woman of shalihah. (HR).      

There is no substitute for a believer after piety is better for him than a wife of shalihah.     

Tahnya, he did. If his husband looked at him, he made her husband happy... (Hr Ibn Majah).      Beautiful women are good to be seen. However, physical beauty is not everything, because the istiri is getting old too.       

Make a husband to always feel happy and stay at home by giving sincere loyalty, genuine smile, and love and sacrifice. Call him the one he likes most.    

7. Speak Soft words.       

And advise each other. Anyway, there's no perfect human being. Anyone can make a mistake. Because of that, it's important that the wife doesn't forget to remind her when she missed Do all that with tenderness. Choose good words and manners during a dialogue. Lower the tone and try it with in moderation.      

Good words, if spoken in a gentle way, will give birth to great power. All that, God willing, will be able to move the weak souls, raise the spirit of desperate people, and reassuring hearts.      

It will be said to them, " O my people!     

8. No burdens, but helps find a solution.      

Life's life is certainly not out of question. As your wife's wife, when the question comes, help a husband to find a solution.      

If you can't do it, don't add a new question or even demand something out of his ability. Little questions he could have completed and did not need the permission of his husband, and finish it immediately.      

Make your wife a place of comfort. Used to always be grateful with all the blessings you've earned, be patient when faced with difficulty, tawakal if you have plans, and roundtable in the matter      

9. Good serving husband.       

Women aren't just about the wells, kitchen and mattress. However, istrilah is responsible for all three affairs. There could be a maid who cooks, but preparing to eat, drinking and everything in the house is a wife's duty.       

Do all that sincerely and full of love. Of course, it would be a different kind of sweet tea.        

God willing, it will feel more delicious. Be a wife who is always ready to serve " husband and good to make it " passionate ".       

10. Be forgiving and lightly grateful.     

Men are forever human beings, who possess forgetfulness and mistakes. It's reasonable if a husband or wife once made a mistake.         

In the way of Allah, in order that they may remain in the way of Allah. Be a forgiving wife and know thank you. Wallâhu a’lam bi ash-shawâb.

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