This is the ottoman method of doctors

Madrassas and universities are appearing in the golden age of the Ottoman Turks. From the college was born a powerful scholar who mastered science and civilization.

In Educating a doctor or medical energy, the Ottoman Turks have the concept and special methods. In addition to having a healer known as a specialist in the era of the Ottoman Turks also have a medical surgeon, an orthopedic specialist, and more. The doctors were educated in different ways. The doctor at that time occupies a very high position.

The doctors were educated and forged in a madrassa and dar al-Shifa aka hospitals. In that era, the hospital is not only a place to treat patients, but also a place for the doctors to forge themselves. In the hospital of kayseri, for example, the prospective doctors learned about the world of medicine in theory and practice.

A young man who wants to be a doctor called Talib. Meanwhile, medical students have a doctorate in shaqirdi. The sakird or the medical students are attending to the various cases in the hospital. In the madrassa, they study the intricacies of medicine in theory.

Ottoman Turkish Caliphate has a different tradition with the seljuq dynasty in building hospitals. It seems to be seen at the exchange hospital in Sultan Yildirim's Palace Complex. In that place also opened medical school. In the bursa, there was a study room and a teacher's office as well as the doctors.

In Istanbul, the ottomans built the fatih hospital at 1470 m who also went to medical school. In edirne also built rs and medical school called Rs Bayezid II at 1484. to the 19th century, the doctors were educated at the hospital at the same time as medical school.[]

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