This is a biography of Abu Bakr-Siddiq R. A

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - My brothers.... Abu Bakr (in Arabic: Ạ̉BW BKR ẠLṢDYQ, Abu Bakr Ash-Siddiq) (Born: 572-Deceased: August 23th 634/21 jumadil late 13 h) included among them The earliest embraced Islam. After Muhammad died, Abu Bakr became the first Caliph of Islam in 632 to 634 m. Born in the name of Abdullah ibn Abi Quhafah, he is one of the four caliphs given degree caliphate or the Caliph is guided. .

Abu Bakr Ash-shidiq his full name is ' Abd Allah ibn ' Uthman Ibn Amir ibn ' Ab ibn ' Ad Ibn Taym Ibn Murrah ibn ka ' B Ibn ' Ab Bin Ghalib Ibn Abd Al-Quraishi Al-Tamimi. Meet Nasabnya with his grandfather murrah ibn ka 'Ab Ibn Lu' AI. And the mother of Abu Bakr is admit al-Khair Salma Bint Who Bin Amir bin ka 'B Ibn' ad ibn taym which means father and his mother are both of the children of taym.         

Abu Bakr is the father of Aisha, the wife of Prophet Mohammed. Is the name of the Lord of the ka ' bah, so that he may be revealed to me. Isra Miraj told by his followers, so he is more known by the name "Abu Bakr siddiq". Life before with the messenger Ash is born in the city of Mecca from the descendants of Banu Tamim (Attamimi), sub-tribe of quraysh. Some Islamic historians noted he was a trader, a judge with high position, an educated man and trusted as a man who could interpret dreams. 

Era with the prophet     

When Muhammad was married to khadija bint Khuwaylid, he moved and lived with Abu Bakr. Then Muhammad became Abu Bakr's neighbors. Just like khadija's house, her house is also double and luxurious. Since then they met each other. They're both alike, merchants and traders.     

Friends of the messenger of God. From the beginning of his life has already characterize a good person in his life. Like his statement when he was asked, " have you ever been drinking khomr in the time of ignorance?" Abu Bakr al-Siddiq will say, " a ' a ". They will say, " why do you say, " I will protect you from my lord."      

Abu-Siddiq Abu-Siddiq characters Abdullah ibn Abi Quhafah Ibn Amir ibn ka ' AB, born in Makkah and from kabilah children children. He was known by the name of Abu Bakr and got the name of Ash-Shiddiq. He also knows the name ' Atiiq for getting free bail from the fire. As the word of the messenger of God follows the following:       

(Muhammad saw) said, " the messenger of God is good. Al-Hakim Abdullah ibn abi quhafah or Abu Bakr siddiq is such a skinny, white man. ' aisyah his daughter who is also the wife of the messenger of the messenger of the messenger of the prophet of the messenger of the messenger, " Abu Bakr Ash, skinny, the thin, the small of his temple, his face was always down from the ping-Gang) Wide, and always colouring with henna and katam." 

True loyalty      

Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (the messenger) and Abdullah ibn Abi Quhafah (Abu Bakr Ash-Shiddiq) has been friendly since childhood. They both grew up in a neighborhood of ignorance, among those who were so fond of menembangkan poets, among the fools who had worshipped the gods of idols, even memperjualbelikan their gods.     

Because the natural process has set it, then these two boys finally grow up. In the middle of the tradition of ignorance, but their hearts do not immediately accept it. And Allah is the all-Mighty, the all-wise.      

Like most people of Mecca, they both have him and business. One day, Abdullah ibn abi quhafah participated in the trade caravan. In the middle of the road, the caravan stopped the journey to rest. Abdullah chose shelter under the tree. There, he fell asleep. In his sleep, he dreamt of seeing the moon that left the sky and approached the earth, and the pieces were scattered in the streets of Mecca. After that, the pieces were fused as they were and returned to the sky. That wondrous dream makes Abdullah ibn abi quhafah curious. He fancies the meaning of the dream. He didn't realize the dream was really good news.       

Abu Bakr was so blessed when the dawn of Islam was rising in the city of Makkah when Allah swt raised his friend Muhammad as a messenger that directed men to the truth and priests. Bring men worship only to Allah swt and leave their idols idols. The purpose of dawah rasulullah saw is raised high dignity and appreciates the sense of man. However, the people of Makkah just refused. The Whisper of Satan is still too loud in their ears. When the messenger of God is revealed to God, Abu Bakr is more daring to read the Qur ' an with a loud voice. There was a man who was touched by the burning ash reading, until then in Islam. Some don't like it, then get angry and hit it. Abu Bakr passed out by that blow. He was prepared with all the possibilities andn't to always read the Qur ' an with a loud voice. And when he came, he said, "what is the matter with you". This is a true friendship built upon the foundation of love and true sacrifice. (O Muhammad saw), and there is no God but he. And those who are in doubt of it will come to ashes in the ashes of the ash. With a smile, then Abu Bakr al-Siddiq replied, " If Muhammad had said, it is true. I believe in they and revelation has been sent down to him. And, I also believe in what he said today!"       

Hijrah with the messenger of God

When the hijri event, when the messenger of God moved to Medina, Abu Bakr was the only person who was with him. The darkness of Mecca. Languishing. The unbelievers conspire against the unbelievers. And Thy Lord will raise thee to thy Lord. After the ' Aqabah of al-Aqabah, the people of al-Ahqaf (the quraysh) Among the first departed was some cousin of the prophet, the friend of Uthman and Umar. Almost all the best friends of the messenger have left Mecca except Ali Bin Abu Talib and Abu Bakr Ash-Siddiq. He said, " O my people, do not be hasty.       

In the quraysh, they plot a murder against the messenger. He came to the messenger and told him what to do. In the afternoon, the messenger went straight to Abu Bakr's house the time that was not as usual - he used to visit the ash house during the day. He said, " Allah has granted me to leave this city and emigrated," " be with me?" ask Abu Bakr. " yes, with you." answer the messenger. Once they're done making plans, the messenger came back to his house and told Ali about his departure to yastrib. He told Ali to stay in Mecca until all the items left in his house were done back. The Messenger of Allah is always known to them.       

The Quraysh were chosen to kill the messenger had agreed to meet outside the gates of his home at night. But when they were waiting until their numbers were complete, they heard a woman's voice from inside the house, it made them think it's over to get into the house. If they break in, their name will be tainted forever among the Arabs. That's why they decided to wait until the victim came out of the house. As usual, he'll be out at dawn or before.       

The Messenger of God and Ali knows their presence. Rasulullah took a blanket he used to sleep for and give it to Ali. Ali then sleep in the bed of the messenger of God. Then the messenger begins to recite a letter with the opening, yasin. When it comes to the word, " and we have placed before them a wall and behind them walls, and we close their eyes so that they can not see." (QS. Yaasiin [36] Verse 9), he's out of the house. And the messenger came to them from their homes.       

The night is nigh and the dawn will arise. The Messenger of God and his messenger. Abu Bakr goodbye to his wife; admit ruman, and his children; Abdullah, Asma and a isyah, then without wasting their time out of the ashes of Abu Bakr through the back window of his house to soon pass towards the hill hill then hide in a cave. They rode a camel into a cave in the mountain of tsawr a little south, in line in the way of Yemen.       

' Amir ibn fuhayra - the shepherd who has been purchased Abu Bakr as a slave and is free and tasked with tending their sheep - following them in the back with their shepherd to eliminate their footprints.      

From The Hasan of al-Bishri, " that night is Abu Bakr in the cave. Sometimes he walks in front of him saw sometimes behind him. He saw asking; ' if I recall, I was looking for a path and had to be in front, but if I didn't remember, I should be behind you       

He saw to say, " if something had happened, would you be more happy to be killed to protect me?" " true." answer Abu Bakr!" for God who has sent you with the truth!" And when they reached the cave, they said, " O my messenger! If he saw a stone, he tore his clothes off to cover the stone, until his clothes, even though there were still rocks. Then he put his heels, so that it would not hurt the messenger of God.       

The footsteps of youth the quraysh no longer heard faint. But Abu Burns as white as a sheet. Doesn't feel the body of great vibration, how not, from the cave of the cave he can see the hunters above his head. When they see their feet, they will see the two of us.      

Rasulullah (pbuh) saw Abu Bakr full. Ditepuknya his best friend was slowly and said, " don't think of us alone. The three of us, and the third is he, who holds the power of God ".       

A moment of peace greets Abu Bakr. He didn't worry about his safety at all. Death to him was nothing, he was just an ordinary man. Now, for a handsome man who is now next to him, safety on his death and his life. How the universe goes without the light. How would you like to lose the full moon? How the world is without see. Indeed, he will not be discouraged by the blade of the quraysh, who will rip the hull and shed his blood. Really, he does not worry the pointy arrows that are going to pierced every scrap of his body. He is only afraid, Muhammad, yes Muhammad, they kill Muhammad. The two of them confronted, and they agreed to take shifts. And the familiarity of the familiarity is not a lie. Abu Quiets down his melodious face in front of him. Every stroke in that beautiful face he looked carefully. How he loved the son of Abdullah. Exhausted after a long journey, immediately like the darkness of the cave. The face in front of him was real, melting his tiredness. There's only one name left in his chest. Love. Sejeda then, Muhammad docked his head in the lap of Abu Bakr And as a child, Abu Bakr swims in the great ocean of joy. There is no one who can live in life except when the ummi prophet is berbantalkan his thighs. God's eyes are closed. Be careful, like a mother, Abu Bakr's palms, rubbed the sweat on the messenger prophet. Still in silence, Abu Bakr continues to be fascinated by the love of the love that rests in his lap. In the heart of "God, how would i enjoy this forever". Breath sounds one-one, greet a very close ash face. Abu Bakar, full-heartedly he looks at him again. Not tired, not bored. And suddenly his face went sour. He was reminded of the quraysh who hunted the full of Medina, like hunting animals. How could they be so cruel to interfere with the grandson Abdul Muthalib, which is so courteous and trustworthy. Cloudy in the face of Abu Bakr hasn't receded yet. A pod pod in the depths of his heart, so the deluge. " as long as the life is in the body, I burn, will always be by your side, to defend you and will not let anyone bother you Quiet still. The Cave was so cold and dusky. Abu rest back up on the cave walls. The Messenger of God is still drifting in the intermission. And all of a sudden, a sizzling snake is slowly pounding on his lies. Abu Bakr gazed upon his eyes, eager he pulled his legs to stay away from these poisonous animals. However, the desire is dienyahkannya from my mind, does not want him to interfere in the comfort of the messenger How could he awaken his lover?      

Abu Bakr wincing, when the snake bit his ankle, but his foot still didn't move. And the snake went away after a while. In Silence, his body was hot. Snakes get fast. Abu Bakar Silently. The pain can't be held back. By accident, tears trickled down on the cheek of the messenger of God. Abu Bakr halted his cries, his worries proved, the messenger is awake and staring at him full of curiosity. (O Prophet), do you cry for your forgiveness? "of course not, I am well-pleased and sincere to you everywhere" cut the ashes still in pain. " then why do you draw tears?" " a snake, just bit me, son of Abdullah, and his venom is so fast The Apostle is staring at the ashes of astonishment, not how long the sweet lips move " why do you not avoid it " I am afraid of waking you up from the sound of Abu Bakr. In fact, he regrets that he may not be able to restrain his tears.     

By then, the tears did not belong to Abu Bakr. Then the eyes of the misty the and the waterholes are stagnant in pelupuknya. What a wonderful ukhuwah.      

" so happy, I have a man like you, son of Abu Quhafah. Verily Allah is the best of those who give thanks. By the name of Allah, the Lord of the universe. Glory be to God, and there is no doubt. Abu burns his feet for shame. The Prophet still looking at her darling.     

" how is it possible, these pagans would hurt a beautiful man like you. How could it be?" the unearthly heart burns later.       

The cave has returned quietly. Now is the rest of Abu Bakr and the messenger guard. And, Abu Bakr shook his head strong when messenger saw offered his lap. Will not be willing, he weighs upon the gift of grace.       

The next night, Abdullah came to the cave with his sister asthma brought food. They report that the quraysh offered the reward of a hundred camels for anyone who can find Muhammad and bring him back to Mecca.       

On the third day, the seeker ran a search in the tsawr hill. They're climbing towards the cave. The Messenger who is in the cave with Abu Bakr looking towards Abu Bakr, " don't be sad, because God is with us." (QS. At the he 40, but when the seekers were in the cave, they agreed not to look into it.        

When the seeker has gone, the messenger and abu burn into the mouth of the cave. There, in front of him, almost covering the way in, there's a acacia tree approximately half a man that morning is not there, and in the gaps between the trees and the walls of the cave there is a spider has made its nest Even in the place of people who are likely to step there is a pigeon has been nesting and sitting as if it would keep her eggs       

When it was asthma and Abdullah had returned to the cave, by not disturbing the animals that had protected them from the seeker, the messenger and Abu Bakr and left the cave. Then the messenger of the messenger of the prophet was his favorite.       

As soon as they were at yastrib, they were welcomed with joy and great appreciation of the people there. Then, then the end of the way of their Lord. And since then, then Abdullah ibn abi quhafah or Abu Bakr al-siddiq ra began his new life in full of glory.

Embraced Islam      

In the book of hayatussahabah, bab Muhammad to individual, it is written that Abu Bakr in Islam after being invited by the Prophet [1] Abubakar then [but | How] Islamic teachings to Uthman Bin Affan, thalhah bin ubaidillah, Zubair Bin Awwam, saad Ibn Abi Waqas and some important figures in other Islam.      

Wife Bint Abdul Uzza does not accept Islam as religion until Abu Bakr divorces her. Another wife, um ruman, will be muslimah. Also all his children except 'Abd Rahman Ibn Abu Bakr, so he and' Abd Rahman separated.     

Torture by quraysh       

As the Muslims have experienced in the early days. He also suffered torture by the inhabitants of Mecca that the majority still embraced the religion of their ancestors. However, the most tortured torture of those from the slaves. While the Gentiles used to remain protected by their families and their friends, the slaves were tormented as their master. It encourages Abu Bakr freeing the slaves by buying it from his master then giving him freedom.        

When the hijri event, when Muhammad saw move to Medina (622 m), Abu Bakr was the only person who was with him. Abu Bakr is also tied to the Prophet Muhammad's family. His daughter, Aisha was married to Muhammad a few moments after the hijrah.     

Become a Caliph     

When it is said to him, " it will be said to him, " it will be said to him, " it will be said to him, " it will be said, " As soon as his death, was done consultation among the Ansar and the emigrants in Medina, who finally made the appointment of ashes as a new leader of Muslims or the Caliph of Islam in the year (632) M.       

What happens when deliberation becomes a source of debate. Abu Bakar as a Caliph was a controversial subject and became the first split source in Islam, where Muslims split into Sunni and Shia. On one side of the waymarks of Allah is the decision of the prophet. Sunni argument that Muhammad had a consultation for appointing the leader. While Muslim of ' ah argued that the prophet in the smallest things such as before and after eating, drinking, sleeping, etc, never died of his people without guidance and guidance especially in the last of the nation's leadership And Hadith of the people of the heavens and the earth. Regardless of the controversy and the truth of each of these people, Ali is formally expressing their loyalty to Abu Bakr and the two caliphs afterwards (Umar Ibn Khalifa and Usman Bin). The Sunni has described this statement as an enthusiastic statement and ali becomes a true supporter of Abu Bakr and Umar. While the Shia has described that ali does the he in pro forma, considering he has broken it after his death of his wife for months, and after that he shows the protest by shutting itself out of public life. Ridda war        

Soon after the succession of Abu Bakr, some of the problems threatened the unity and stability of the community and the Islamic State when it Some Arab tribes from hejaz and nejed defied the new Caliph and the system. Some of them refuse to pay the obligatory charity, even if they do not reject Islam. Some have embraced the religion and his old tradition. The tribes claim that only have commitments to the Prophet Muhammad saw and with his death his commitment no longer applies. According to this Abu Bakr declared war on those known as the name of the ridda war. In the battle of the greatest battle is fighting "Ibn Habib The" that is more known by the name of the every al-Kazab (every, every), who claimed himself as a new prophet in exchange for Prophet Muhammad Every then defeated on the battle of akraba by Khalid Bin Walid. Expedition to the north      

After stabilising the internal state and in full control of the Arab, Abu Bakr ordered the Islamic Generals against the Byzantine Empire and the Empire Empire. Khalid Bin Walid conquered Iraq easily while the expedition to Syria also achieved success.

Qur ' an       

Abu Bakr is also instrumental in preserving the written text of the Qur ' an. It is said that after a very difficult victory against the every in the battle of ridda, many penghafal the Qur ' an was killed in battle. Umar then asked Abu Bakr to collect the collection from the Qur ' an. By A Team LED by a friend of Zaid Ibn Thabit, began to be collected the writings of the penghafal of the Qur ' an and the writings of the media, such as bones, skin and others, after this writing, then stored by Abu Bakr. After Abu Bakr died then saved by Umar bin khaththab and then stored by hafsa, the son of Umar and also the wife of Prophet Muhammad saw. Then at the reign of Usman Ibn Affan this collection into the basis of writing the Qur ' an is known at this time.      

In Abu Bakar Ash-shidiq He was very easy to shed tears while reading al Quran in shalatnya. It's because of the abundance of his life experience with the Qur ' an. So that he can't hold his feelings from the events that he's ever experienced when reading the Koran.       

As explained in hadith he radhiyallahu ' anha when the Prophet Muhammad Shallallahu ' alaihi wa be said " they through Abu Bakr in prayer along with the others." aisyah speaks, I said to the messenger shallallahu ' temptation wa be     

" O Messenger, indeed abu bakar is a man whose heart is soft, when he has read the Qur ' an is unable to hold the burn of tears from both." (hr Muslim) And as for his humility, and his cries in prayer, it is a great effect on those around him. It is for the quraysh of Mecca when he is able to offer his prayers.       

Finally the quraysh came to meet ibn Al-Daghinah who was giving assurances to Abu Bakarash Siddiq. They said, " O ibn ' Al-Daghinah, command him to worship his lord in his house. Let him pray and read what he wills, and do not hurt us. Lo! We fear it for our son and our wife. He said, " O my people!      

Then Abu Bakr started building a mosque on his home page, he was praying and reading the Quran in that mosque. Then gather the wives of the idolaters and their children, in awe of them. Abu Bakr was a man who cried often, he could not hold his tears while reading the Qur ' an is so by Al Bukhari.     

Sahl ibn sa'd he said, " Abu Bakr radhiyallahu ' anhu never glanced when in prayer." (fadhail ash shahabat I / 208, Imam Ahmad)      

Mujahis said, " the state of ibn az zubair when he stood in prayer, such as a strong wood." Abdurrazaq said, " the people of Mecca speaks that ibn zubair mencontohshalat from Abu Bakr, and Abu Bakr saw by the Prophet Muhammad Shallallahu ' alaihi wa be." (fadhail ash shahabat I / 208, Imam Ahmad)      

Prayers of God's love works by Ahmad Mustafa ath thathawi (translate from prayer book al those wa qishash al ' Abidin)        

Glory of Abu Bakar Ash-shidiq

Imam Bukhari rahimahullah made a chapter in the book of fadha ' il ash-Shahabah [Fath Al-Bari Juz 7 things. 15] with the title ' chapter; the word of the prophet shallallahu ' alaihi wa sallam, " close the doors-in the walls of the mosque-except the ashes of Abu Bakr." in it he mentioned a history of abu sa ' Id Al - . To be clear, let us hear the priest Bukhari. Imam Bukhari said:        Abdullah ibn Muhammad speaks to us. [he said]: Abu Amir speaks to us. He said: Fulaih speaks to us. He said: Salim Abu Nazhar speaks to me daribusr bin sa ' Id of abu sa ' Id Al-Khudri Radhiyallahu ' anhu, he said: Rasulullah Shallallahu ' alaihi wa be preaching to the people. He said, " indeed, Allah offers an offer to a servant. But he chose what is in the sight of God."         

He said, " Abu Bakr is crying. We were wondering about her crying. When the APOSTLE SHALLALLAHU ' alaihi wa be says there is a servant given offer. It turns out that the man who offered the offer is the messenger of shallallahu ' alaihi wa sallam. Indeed, Abu Bakr is the most knowledgeable among us."         Then the messenger of shallallahu ' alaihi wa be said, " surely the one who has been most devoted to me with the bond of friendship and his wealth of If I could raise one of the nearest Khalil, but my Lord, I would make Abu Bakr as my khalil. However, enough between me and Abu Bakr and loved each other because of Islam. And there can't be any door left in this mosque except the ashes of Abu Bakr.

"       Hadith is also so by the Muslim priest in shahihnya, in the book of fadha ' il ash-Shahabah (see sharh nawawi juz 8 thing. 7-8)       

Here are the lessons that can be plucked from Hadith above. We're presented from the description of al-Hafizh Ibn Hajar and al-Nawawi. Good luck.        

This Hadith contains a very clear distinction in the cause of Abu Bakr and the anhu of the people who have not been able to do that. Because of the barriers that the prophets mentioned above (see fath al-Bari (7/17 and 19))        

Abu Bakr 'anhu learned that a servant who was given the offer is a prophet shallallahu' alaihi wa sallam. So that he cried out for his grief to be separated from him, a broken-down, and a result of the future.       

This Hadith suggests that the mosques are kept in order to not be like the path of a human being, except in a very important emergency (see fath al-Bari [7/19])       

The scholars had an understanding of varying levels. Every man who is more understanding then he deserves to be referred to as a ' Lam. (see fath al-Bari (7/19))      

This is the hadith of the life of the world.      

(Muhammad), take a good look at him.


Abu Bakr died on August 23th, 634 in Medina due to the pain he sustained at the age of 61 Abu Bakr was buried in his daughter's house aisyah near medicine mosque, next to the Prophet Muhammad's tomb.


The Messenger once said: "if I can take someone to be used ( Khalil ) a close friend, then I will choose Abu Bakr, but Abu Bakr siddiq is my brother and my friend" Al-Bukhari         

So, it's extraordinary that the messenger of God saw this one. It is difficult to find its equal and complicated to string a beautiful word that can praise him. So that left behind is awe and appreciation for him. About how true the gesture of friendship and persaudaraanya. How is the messenger of Allah? Which can melt its heart, and make these eyes broken in the right cheek and my left. Barokallohu Fikum 

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