There is a Map and Schedule

by : Yeti Widiati

These months are up to around June the mothers who have tk-b kids are restless because the kid wants to go to elementary school. They're starting to wonder whether the kid can get into elementary school or not. They also realize that there is a lot of showmanship and independence that has not yet been ruled by his son. The escalating anxiety is down in the form of "Lightning Force" that has finally come to bear the anxiety of the child. This is the first time the child realizes that entering the school is an emergency.

The same thing also happens to parents whose children are 6th grade, 9 and 12.

Started 2 years ago, the parent s' parent s' parents increased, not just for looking for high school, but also the class of penjurusan class since the 9. th grade "feudalism" in education that puts more science majors than IPS and language , making a blind old man pushing his kid into science. While this big new child is less than a good idea of himself, or about a career map. A parent's anxiety can even push them to outsmart how to get his son into the science department.

12-Year-old parents are interested in selecting college and his minor. Ignore that one of the college functions is a vehicle for the achievement of mature thinking and personal. College is considered a way of getting a label to obtain recognition and prestige that makes it easier to find work. And therefore it's almost always a 12-Year-old student. It's too difficult to get in in major college, faculty or universities and ignore interests,

An honest understanding and awareness happens often. Demotivation, the wanprestasi happened throughout the study in college. Or there is also a chance to complete his studies and years later to admit that his major option is not passionnya. It happens when he works at the same field across his education background. Or when he decides to take more education that is more appropriate with his interests and power.

Our Non-friendly education system causes the parents to become restless. The Master has carried away. And then who else would be the victim if it wasn't a student. His anxiety increases ahead of daily repetition and reaches kulminasinya during the exam. Children who do self-stress stress by being relaxed, on the other side makes her parents more stress. Why don't you just ignore me? Don't really learn." all wrong, wrong stress, stress, hehe...

If it goes on schedule and stress is still long. Stress when graduating college and looking for work. Stress in the job itself. Stress looking for a living companion, when single, when having a child, when I haven't had children, interaction with couples, infidelity, economic problems, divorce, when older, etc.

If we already know maps and schedule problems. It will be better for us to make preparations. Because stress is a choice :)

* ready for presentations to choose majors for eighth-grade parents "

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