The speed of Uthman Bin Affan welcomed the call Da'wah

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Who does not know the Uthman Bin Affan. One of the best friends in Mecca in Mecca, emigrated to Medina and became the third kholifah in Islamic Islamic. Also includes one of the ten companions of the prophet who was told to enter heaven. Piece of sacrifice of Uthman Bin Affan in the struggle. Imam Ahmad has released the hadith of al-Rahman Ibn Hubab who says: (Prophet Muhammad saw), the prophet and the prophet. Uthman Bin Affan replied: 'I will bear 100 camels with her saddle and ensure.'                     

Abdurrahman bin auf said, ' then he saw down a ladder from the pulpit, then motivated the Muslims. ' Uthman said, ' I will bear another one with her pelts and her ensure. ' '      

He said, " O my people, you have sent a messenger to your Lord. Conceal it and what you hide. And what will be done till the day of judgment. And whatever the uthman will do after this. '        

My Lord.. it is so easy for him to spend his wealth to fight in the way of God. When the prophet asked the Muslims to wage war in tabuk, Uthman was the first to greet without much thinking and weigh with the sum of a fortune. Even when the second prophet asks to be spend in the presence of all of the Muslims, of Uthman. A total of 200 camels and their saddles and ensure. At the speed of his infaq, nothing compares.        

And it is not for you to come to war. For a place far away, and a great number of men, in order that they will be raised.        

So he sent a man to return to him, and given it to be 10.000 dinars. Mashaallah, so accept his prophet against the treasures of the sin of Uthman, so when the messenger came to pray for him until his hands were raised.        

These are the companions of the prophet. Truly Islam has become the most important thing in his life. When Allah strove hard with his possessions and his soul. There is no doubt about it. Without threat and coercion in order.      

And do not sell anything with Allah. It is only for him. Imitate Uthman Bin Affan didn't have to wait for the rich. Spirit presents what belongs to the struggle in Islamic dawah. By the time, power, wealth, wealth and soul. Hurry up in welcoming the call. Without need to find many excuses and notifications.         

Paradise must be redeemed with a sacrifice, a barrier, and a trial of patience and sincerity. Subdue and overcome silence and surrender. Allah's promise is true. Perhaps we can take ibroh from the story of the story of Uthman Bin Affan.

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