The Slightest Amount of Kindness Will Give a Change

 By :  Yeti Widiati

 About 12 years ago, I was still going to go straight to the psych examination of the children in various regions throughout Indonesia. That is why, although the quality of Indonesian education is uneven, but I can always be sure to say that, the children of Indonesia from the west end to the east end is like a diamond that has not been tergosok or like a pearl I always find bright children in various areas. Unfortunately they don't always acquire quality education services, so its potential is not optimal.

One day I went to ambon. Ambon is still in need of discord between a different group of people. I assure you, it is not the religion of conflict, but the person. The City seems to be divided two with an imaginary line. The effect of this conflict is so bad for the child.

My job is to find and perform the selection of a low-economic social background, but perform to obtain scholarship students at the free schools in bogor.

I still remember the test of the class at the time. The kids barely follow the orders I gave you. Finish the instructions, immediately they stand up and look at his friend's work. It's very automatic. As long as the tests work, they work standing up. There is no confidence and there is no peace.

Our partners in ambon when he said to me, " Mom is wrong, mommy's too soft, if you want those kids to follow, I have to hit them. The teachers here holding a long ruler of wood while teaching to hit children..."

Complete test process for me, because it has to raise a higher level of patience. I'm talking to ambon, what he thinks is causing children so insecure and why he advised me to hit.

He thinks that that's what happened back then. The children will not comply when it's not dikerasi. At Home as well. Her parents were insecure and comfortable with a conflict of religious religions that happened there. So their focus is how they save themselves and family. This condition causes the parents not to be patient enough to face the children's kerewelan. Parents looking for a short cut to make a child according to violence.

In addition to the family, a child sees a way to deal with that violence at school and in the social environment. Teachers teach by hitting. Disputes in the streets are solved by fighting and immobilization. These children see an alternative solution to only one, which is by force and with violence.

The situation that is not so different is happening elsewhere in Indonesia. Not always due to conflict but according to me more because of habit and culture.

I also helped an elementary school trainee program placed in remote areas throughout Indonesia. This teacher is a scholar who has a high passion for sharing in the countryside. From them I often get curhatan about the high level of physical violence and even sexual in various areas. Sulawesi, nusa tenggara, Borneo, Sumatra, etc.

Curhatan and their complaints are hugely make and alarming. Kids often come late to school and come up with swollen and blue faces for being beaten by his father. The boy, he didn't want to escape from his teacher and be possessive because he found the " Guardian Angel." the boy who hit another child because he used to see his father hit Children who commit sexual harassment to other children who are weaker. And many more stories are delivered that makes me sigh with heavy breath.

And What's heavier is the end of the question that they say is almost always the same, " so what do we do, miss yeti?

I am aware of them (and also mine) has limitations to overcome things that have been brought and rooted so deep. They're all alone, fresh and wet. ' but they have a high idealism, extraordinary spirit, the desire to share and fully adequate science. I need to focus on their strength.

I suggest, " your job is to teach with an offer of new, creative, and human human human. Do it consistent with children, other teachers, parents and also the people who are familiar with the old ways knowing that there are other ways to change behavior in different ways. A more fun and human way. It's true that violence can change someone's behavior, but there is an injury left and formed the next chain of violence You can break the chain of violence by inspiring a different way of teaching and educational. Changes may not soon because people need time to change. But believe that the slightest amount of kindness will result in a change of change. And do not ask for help from Allah, for he is the one who guides.

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