the Law Shook Hands after Prayer

Do shake hands after doing prayer is one of the perfecter? Or is he a heretic?


We're going to take an answer to this question, from the answer Prof. . Ali Jum ' Ah Muhammad.

Here's his answer:

So that you may be able to do the same, and do not believe in the way of God. Is sunah, arguing with hadith which is so by Abu Bukhari. A., he said, " in the middle of the day, the messenger of shallallaahu ' alayhi wasallam. Goin 'to bathhâ' (a sandy spot). He's your. After that, he performed his prayers and ashar each of you in the presence of a spear. Then the people took his hands and turned them into their faces. Then, I took his hand and put it on my face. It turns out his hand is colder than ice and more fragrant than oil oil (Kasturi)."

Al-Muhib Al-Tabari (w. 694 h) says, " this hadith is a matter of amplifier of those who shake hands after prayer, especially the prayer of ashar and Maghrib, if done with good intentions, such as seeking a blessing, to love each other. - something like that."

In the book of al-Majmû, Imam Nawawi (w. 676 h) think that shake hands with someone who has been with him before prayer is a mubah. And shake hands with those who are not with him before prayer is sunah."

In the book of al-Adzkâr, he said, " indeed, your hands are advisable for every meeting. But as for those who shake hands after prayer, there is no authority in it. But, it's nothing to do, ' cause the law of shaking is sunah. As for those who strive to shake their hands at a time or in a number of other occasions, they will not shake hands.

Apart from that, dinukilkan from Imam Al-Izz Ibn Abdus Salam (w. 660 h) that shook hands after the prayers of dawn and ashar included in the heretics mubah.

As for some of those who shake hands after prayer, they say, " it is not for those who do not know. As it is said by ibn ' Allan from the book of al-Mirqâh-that if a Muslim held his hand to shake hands, then it would not be appropriate for it, because it could hurt the hearts of the Muslims and Prevent it from being able to maintain decency by staying away from what you do. Because, as it is prescribed in the way, that prevents the harm from taking heed.

Thus, by basic law, shook the hands of people in religion. Doing the handshake after performing the prayer did not come out of the scope sphere. He is the one who is the one who is the mubah. It is to be believed that it should be believed not to be a perfecter of prayer or one of the sunah teachings that the prophet was taught. He's always done. This is the reason for the scholars who have thought about the deed. According to them, the kemakruhan came from the wrong belief, not to shake the hand itself.

Therefore, the one who follows the right way, and is not to be able to greet the people of the past. In order that he may be able to be in the way of God.

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