Teens Who have High Self-esteem

  By : Yeti Widiati

Self esteem or self-esteem affects how someone shows up and works in his neighborhood. Those who have high self-esteem have a chance to present themselves better than those who are inferior.

Here is the behavior shown to teens who have high self-esteem:
- expressing opinions with confidence.
Teenagers with high esteem, generally felt safe and comfortable to express his opinion, because he gained support from his environment. Those who get to blame, tend to be less brave and afraid of the wrong speech.

- voice pressure and language choice is appropriate for the situation.
High esteem will be caught from how someone speaks, from sound pressure, volume, word choice, etc.

- sit and join friends his age in social activity.
People who have a steady identity, will know where the place is and choose to interact with friends his age. Didn't choose to make friends with the younger ones to feel higher. Don't even choose to hang out with the elders.

- willing and excited to explore new activities to find out whether they're going to like it or not.
Those who have high self-esteem, ready to try new things and develop their insights wider. They are not skeptics and avoid new things, or prefer things stable and equally.

- can develop a relationship that suits adults.
Teenagers who pride themselves, know how to behave for older people. Manners, helping and caring for older people, showing it.

- able to cooperate in groups
Can give and accept. Be sensitive to the needs of others and know the limitations of oneself, are some behavior that makes people work well

- able to be follower (followers) as can also be a leader (leader)
Understanding that everyone has excess and limitations to make people know when and how to put themselves as followers and leader. When he became a follower he was willing to obey the rules and when he became a leader he knew how to communicate and lead

- facing people when talking or when people talk to him.
Do not turn away, evade and sit against the people who communicate with him is the wrong self-esteem.

- staring in the eyes of people.
Don't distract or avoid the look in the other direction while speaking.

- don't hesitate to ask for help
Know the limitations and dares to mention it in the form of a favor. Not rely entirely on anyone else.

- dare to tell the truth even if it's a chance to make him face
Teenagers with self-esteem, daring to face the consequences of what he did. So that he may reveal the truth.

- dare to admit that he doesn't understand a thing
Urge to learn and develop yourself bigger than the prestige.

- it's a very good idea.
Still attached to the desire to expand the horizon and relationship, make it happy to meet new people in situations.

- keeping a fair and comfortable distance between her and someone else.
If he finds out that he needs to keep the distance with certain people (such as a bad influence), a teenager with high esteem knows a reasonable way to do it. Doesn't make himself restless and other people are uncomfortable.

- talk without hesitation and smooth
Feeling uncomfortable, making brain think less optimally work. It appears on how someone talks and reveals his mind through the language.

- willing to learn from his mistakes
Openness for self-repairing, based on understanding of limitations and urges to improve itself.

The above point can help us parents and teachers to understand teenagers. Things still have to be overcome and what we can do to help teens develop themselves and enter the next development level (young adults) with better readiness.

* Source: understanding and mentoring the hurt teenager, Diana Lea Baranovich (translation with additional explanation)

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