Tantrum and Talk

A mother who has kindergarten class b asking, how to support the child tantrum (raging), especially when tantrum is done in a public place. A shame and kagok because a lot of people usually make parents bribe children to stop having a tantrum. Tantrum had stopped by then but then the child knew the situation and when it was like what he had "power" to control his parents.

Tantrum better be prevented. Don't give him a chance to show up. ' cause when it comes to it, it's often that it's in the hands of the physical and psychic trauma to the child and the frustration

I "learned" from my son about tantrum.

My first lady, when I was a child crying and tantrum. She cried for hours with her little legs in a different direction. He can cry just because it's hot, the lights are too dark or even annoyed for the buzzing of mosquitoes The cause of bitterness does not always be overcome immediately, so that the boy who needs to learn to adapt to the conditions Different ways to stop her crying. Persuade, patting-Nepuk, wiping, wiggle, breastfeeding, didn't make it all. He just stopped just after exhaustion and spent a couple of hours. And it lasted since the baby was 2 years old. This little lady was able to make me doubt and lose confidence as a mother.

Until that age I thought that he was too sensitive. Never thought that he had a hearing loss. I just found out after he obtained a thorough examination, including an ent doctor, and also audiology.

The fact that his ear holes closed it was one thing. Things are far more important than that is, I get the consciousness why all this time it's very easy to tantrum. It also makes me realize that I need to make a change of approach.

With lack of hearing, then he also has the delay of speech. How to teach me the same as his brother became less effective when it was done to him. Because he requires approach with a higher intensity and a more adaptive method.

Soon I changed the approach in communication. Increase the volume of sound, slow down talking, cut a long sentence so that the message is not too much, facing and staring at the eye while talking, doing recheck after delivering Is a few adjustments to take care of the speech therapy.

About 3 months later, his emotions became more stable. And tantrum diminished significantly even lost at all after 6 months later.

I learned, that child tantrum because of despair and of communicate his thoughts and feelings. He thinks people don't hear, do not understand and may not even care about his wishes. At the peak of his frustrasinya, he went berserk.

Furthermore I see, that the people who temper and easily anger or society are easily marched with violence as well as they can't reveal their thoughts and feelings in the right way. Or feel not heard and understood someone else. Physical communication has finally been chosen.

Because of your parents and teachers need to open two-way communication. Teaches a child to comfortably reveal his thoughts and feelings. Accept and listen with enthusiasm when children talk or tell stories.

The Profits. Child's emotions become more stable. Tantrum can be avoided and the chances of the child solving problems are greater. And also important, whenever he has a problem or feeling uncomfortable, he will come to his parents as the most convenient place to chat.

* from the parenting session in a kindergarten in bintaro

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