Tales of a little istighfar

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Lafadz Istighfar is one of the dhikr to beg forgiveness of God. Usually after the prayer, Muslims will not miss to say my astagfirullah thing. Wish, istighfar is able to eliminate sins.   

There is no God but he.     

These stories tell me how it is for a little istighfar in life. From the story of a bakery that wants to meet with Imam Ahmad, until an old senile old lady who expects a doctor's aid to cure his How are you? Here's the review.     

1. Magical story of bread merchant

Imam Ahmad Rahimahullah is one of the 4 scholars scholars whose name is far until now. In his day, it was so being hailed by a lot of people. In a story written by Imam al jauzi rahimahullah in a book about Imam Ahmad told that when the priest entered the twilight age he was so eager to go to land sham.       

But Strangely Ahmad Ahmad doesn't have a clear purpose why he wants to go to that place. But he must travel far from his place in Baghdad. As soon as you know, Imam Ahmad stopped to perform his prayers. No one knows it, considering the age of technology is not advanced at this time.      

He waits in the mosque until the prayer of his prayers. After Ashar, the priest read the Qur ' an to wait for the time of the sun and After the night, Imam Ahmad then wants to sleep and rest in the mosque.      But the keeper of the mosque doesn't allow him to sleep there.     

" O Sheikh, you can't sleep here, this is the rule please go," said the guard But Imam Ahmad refused, "I'm a traveler, I want to rest here" answer the priest.     

But the guards kept refusing and asked him to come out and then lock the door of the mosque. After the guard left, Ahmad Ahmad retired at the court of the mosque.      

But, the keeper came back and threw him away until he pushed him into the streets. Then there is a baker whose house is not far from the mosque to see such conditions. The Baker calls him      

" O Sheikh, come and rest in my shop       Then the faith ahmad went into the bakery. " my house is not far from here, this is my bakery, back there, there's a room to rest. Rest tonight and tomorrow morning you can continue your journey again "       

After entering the store, Imam Ahmad then paid attention to the seller's activities. And there is one thing that most draws his attention from this man. The day of the dhikr (the Qur ' an) and the prayer of a little istighfar. Imam Ahmad who was amazed then asked " since when do you always ask for such a long time?"      

He said, " a long time ago. It's been a habit of my routine, almost in any condition.

" Then Imam Ahmad asked me again    

"then what was the result"     

"yes, God granted all my wishes" replied.     

" then what is your wish that God has not granted?" ask the priest.     He said, " I have always prayed to God to be met with a great scholar whom I loved so much. He is Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal!"      

" Allahu Akbar Because Istighfarmu is Allah swt bring me to your city for no apparent reason, because istighfarmu is marbot mosque forbid me to sleep in the mosque, because istighfarmulah you offer me a break in your place. I am Ahmad Ibn Hanbal...    

Mashallah, Allah swt bring Imam Ahmad to his house because of istighfarnya.    

2. Magical Istighfar a mother      

The next story hasn't been a long story that tells me about a mother who lives in khasmir territory. This mother has a daughter who has a bone disease. The Mother has always prayed to God for forgiveness. He's been taking his son to a doctor around his territory but didn't get the results.     

They're just saying that there's only one doctor capable of handling this disease. The doctor is a muslim shli a bone specialist, but unfortunately he lives very far in India.     

The Mother knows if she doesn't have the ability to go to India buying a plane ticket, eating over there and the cost of berobatnya. Then this mother is just more and more istighfar.     

Brief, the doctor who became a target out of India to fill an event and pass through the khasmir area.      

Suddenly the pilot said he couldn't fly because there was a rain storm and had to go down in this area. After suddenly said "I have to attend a seminar, how far is this area from destination"     

It turned out to be about four hours, so the doctor chose to rent a car because time for the seminar in about six hours.      

Finally left the airport to get to the seminar. But Honey, it's just a long time to leave the rain town so the driver can't move on. Because if forced then they will face a storm.     

Eventually the doctor agreed to rest by visiting the local house. The house looks old made out of the thousand wood. Then the doctor knocked on the door, said hi and asked for help that the landlord gave you a ride.      

Then the doctor came in and the mother took a drink. When the doctor was in the living room, this mother's son was crying in his room. Then the doctor asked    

"why do my children cry" ask the doctor   

"hurt the bone" answer the mother    " why isn't it taken to the doctor?"     

" already, but the doctor says they can't heal. Who can cure the only doctor named John doe,"      

He said, " praise be to God, who brought me home. I am the doctor I mean. Allah brings to his house a little, without charge. For Christ's sake.      

3. Blessings merutinkan istighfar good       Next story comes from a cardiologist named Dr. Khalid Jubai. He had a little istighfar in his life. Once upon a time, Dr. Khalid jubai gets a slander from a partner colleague. If the slander is proven, then the doctor someone retired early from the hospital. It has enraged him so unhinged. Nonetheless, he fights to restore the good name. But his efforts were not enough to be able to stand up against the partner. These conditions have made him desperate for a while.        But the miracle began to happen when he came to the mosque. After his prayer, he remembered something that changed his mind. All the time, all those sick people came to me with great expectations for me to treat them, but why now I'm not able to," think of him.     

Then suddenly he remembered a little istighfar, and felt a very powerful urge to do it. Then all the way home beliaupun started repeating this istighfar reading:    

“Astaghfirullahal-ladzi la ilaha illa Huwal-Hayyul-Qayyum, wa atubu ilaih”      

I seek forgiveness from God, there is no God but he, the all-living, the all-aware, and I repent to him. Al-Hakim from ibn mas ' UD and at-Tirmidhi from Bilal Bin Yasar Ibn Zayd.        As soon as you get home, there's such a terrible relief. He has some kind of spiritual experience that possesses his heart. So Beliaupun don't stop reading the lafadz istighfar, all the time and in all conditions.     

Short story, until at a time, all the charges that became a bad rumor against him were not proven. Of course he was shocked and grateful to know this. Then he became free from the punishment of a work stop and his name came clean.      

There is not enough for him, because he has been sent down to him, and he has no authority over them. Someone admits his actions and apologize to him and the relevant agency.       

Then let us always remember the word of the prophet saw in prayer with the forgiveness of. And the practices of al-Qur ' an and hadist.

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