Talents and Interests, Nature and Nurture

By : Yeti Widiati

The term "interests and talents" is popular now for the next few months. Generally linked to penjurusan. Good 9th graders who will go to high school, which should have just released the psikotes sheet that shows a tendency to science or social studies. Also a 12th grade student who will go to college and (normally) still confused with his choice to go into college.

It's about whether or not someone is in control of things. A talented person will need a shorter time than a less talented person in possession of certain fields.

While interests are more related to, whether we enjoy the process we do or not. People who are interested will be more vibrant and motivated from people who are less interested.

It's very good if the talents and interests are aligned. But sometimes talent doesn't always align with interests. There are some talented music, but their interests and motivations are lost, for example because of the less fun music learning process. Or talented people of mathematics, the value of her math lesson is bad because the teacher is mean or the way it is to be confusing, when the logic is

Talent is nature, natural or more of God's hands in it. While the interest was influenced by the environment.

When I interviewed the high school kids at a boarding school, I found out that the kids had a direction and a clear destination that wanted to be achieved, usually back up his choice in experience in his life.

For example, " I want to be a doctor mom, because my mother died of cancer. If I was a cancer doctor then I could help a lot of people." or,
" I want to be a member of the farm mom, because in my village these farmers are very difficult. They have a lot of debt due to agricultural equipment, fertilizer and expensive pests while selling the agricultural results so low "
" I want to be an engineering engineer. ' cause I'm sorry in Indonesia. We're just buying from abroad and still rare automotive industry in Indonesia. I'd like to make a car that's cheap and environmentally friendly."

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