Taking care of Muslimah

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Being a good girl nowadays isn't easy. The temptation of faith, the good matter, nor the pleasure of fantasy. If you are unable to do so, he will go astray. Not to mention the the, which has not berhijab out of temptation. Indeed, if the messenger of God is the most merciful. Astaghfirullahal ' Aziim. Well, here are some tips for the muslimah in self-esteem not to fall in infamy: .

1. Review Islam kafah .

This is the most important and necessary condition. Only Islam the perfect religion has a complete rule to survive from various attack attack. Mabda of Islam that flows in the mind of thought, then forming a pattern of attitude, will be a fortress kokok self-esteem With a full understanding of Islam, the Islamic personality will be formed so it becomes personal kaffah that is not easy to waver. .

2. Intensive communication with family .

Make family the only place to find comfort. How bad the house is, that's the most beautiful private place. Once felt homesick, opened the door to seek comfort elsewhere. Then to create comfort, komunikasilah always with the parents. Especially with mothers, for keperempuanan affairs. Rest assured, mother with all her life experiences, is the perfect place to share the story. .

3. Friends with father figure .

So puberty, girls are beginning to need a male figure that he thinks will be able to be a fretful place. Don't look for other men not mahrom. As long as it wasn't married, you were the safest refuge. He is the most selfless figure to pay attention and for the living, before the child finds her husband.

4. Choose their friends

Watch out for friends. Although fellow types, it's not all true. Don't feel good to be friends with friends who are starting to show vanity. Included, don't be friendly with men, either in the real world or in the virtual world. Choose the righteous friends who carry in obedience. .

5. Live in a safe neighborhood .

If you stay away from your parents because they're in college, kkn or work on roaming, make sure to live in a safe environment. Make sure the lodger are also good people. Environment Environment. .

6. Engage in positive activities 

Actively doing positive activities, can be the plus value in order for muslimah to bring benefits to each other. By spending time for positive activities, there won't be a chance for kicks, like a selfie spending time, filming an inferior video, etc. ' cause time is running out to carry out a good thing that is worth the reward. .

7. Married to keep ifah

If the age is enough, physical and mental are ready, marriage is a way of keeping the glory. Accept the righteous men, not the others. A good descendant and has high responsibility. He is the one who will be the protector after no living. (*)

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