Success Needs Process

" every the will taste death. And on the day of resurrection it will be your recompense. Whoever is removed from the fire and admitted to paradise will be victorious. The life of the world is but a deceptive enjoyment." (QS. Ali-Imran:185)

Guys want to succeed? Must be all the answers. Well, who the hell is a man who doesn't want to be successful in life. Who does not want to be a great writer, enter your favorite college, so penghafal the Qur ' an, or hope to have a life of a life / Shalihah? Or whatever it's important to succeed. It must have been very successful because the people of the human race have gharizatun ' his desire to exist in life. Means these guys all want to succeed in life. But guys, not everyone understands that success doesn't come instantly and has to take the right path. Because there is also, people who use all the ways to achieve success, so that it is illegal. Holy Shit! Do not take the path, so be careful of all of you. Now!

Okay guys to topic yeah.. this time I want to ajakin you adventure or explore the world of special people is how the recipe or how to achieve success, even though I'm also still in the process of being successful, God willing, but It's okay if we share an inspiration by learning from the experience of people who first have proved their success, surely not only in the world yes guys but in the afterlife, too! There's no such thing as instant success as we eat noodles. For example, let's see the Mason's work, he may need five, ten or five times a blow to break a rock. Getting bigger and sturdy, the bigger energy has to be deployed. As well as the great authors of the country, for example, Asma Nadia, Helvy Tiana Rosa and asri supatmiati etc. How hard their efforts to make a quality writing. The shirt we're wearing is also born of a number of businesses; Cotton Farms, spinning yarn, to the labor of the confections. Even the messenger saw 13 years to build the Islamic society. With the sweat of sweat, the sacrifice of time, even the persecution he had to gain from the infidels so stand the first Islamic State in Medina. In Medina it didn't stop.

The Messenger of God has been commanded to fight a hundred times to fight. Away, we rule over a third of the world for almost 13 centuries. Oh, my God. So successful guys need a process, one of his hard work. As he said,

" do you work, God and his messenger, and those who have seen your deeds, and you will be brought back to Allah, the knower of the unseen and the visible, and he will inform you of what. That you've been working on." (QS. At-Taubah:105)

Well, there's a lot to keep in mind that success is not because of the talent. There is no such thing as a success just to rely on talent but kudu is determined and strong. As there is no one who says to Imam Shafi ' I, Imam Bukhari and the season, "you deserve to succeed because you are a talented man", if Imam Bukhari is just sitting in didesanya, in bukhara, in bukhara he will not be a penghafal of thousands Hadith and degrees "Amirul believers" Hadith. But, Imam Bukhari chose the hijrah of bukhara to the Arabian Peninsula, traveling into many places to collect Hadith-Hadith of the prophet. Often he goes as far away as thousands of miles just to check the truth of one hadith. For Christ's sake. Then what about the imam syaf ' I? Subhanallah in 7 years has memorized the Qur ' an and at the age of 15 years due to intelligence and ketekunannya, Imam Malik allowed him to teach and a fatwa to society. Oh, my God. As well as our friends who become penghafal Qur ' an will never be able to memorize 30 juz if only a nap waiting for a miracle. Imposibble! Guys, is that because they're geniuses? Of course not yes guys, because the genius is not destiny, but hard work. Let's see what Thomas's Alpha is saying, the genius is 1 % inspiration and 99 % hard work. And that's right, guys. Just look at the sports world, every time there's a new record to break the old record. The harder they work, the higher their chances of success.

Because it's guys, if you want to be a successful person, one of the traits you have to have is hard work. So whatever, hard work is the path. Without hard work, our ideals are similar to delusions or charity. Let's go in this sentence, "man jadda wa jadda", anyone who can really be successful. Spirit. Allahu Akbar!![Nura Inqilaby]

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