Story of a wife who can Make her Husband Crazy to Her

By : Teacher Fairuz Ahmad

A Father told his daughter: one day an old woman was interviewed by a presenter in an event of the secret of happiness that never broke.

Is it because he's good at cooking? Or ' cause she's pretty? Or because he could give birth to a lot of children, or because of what?

She said, " the secret of your husband is in the hands of his wife, after having guided him. He will make his home as a fire.

Don't you say because of the treasure! For how many rich wives, but it was broken, and then the husband left it.

Don't tell me because of the kids! Not many wives have given birth to ten children, but the husband does not love him, even he might divorce him.

And how many good wives cook. Some of them have been able to cook until all day, but though he often complained about the bad behavior of the husband."

Then he said, " what is the matter with you?"
The woman replied: " when my husband is angry and explosive, soon I am silent with respect to him. I'm putting my head in full of sorry. But do not be silent with a mockery, because a man is very smart to understand that."

" why don't you come out of the room?" switch presenter.
That woman immediately replied: " do not you
Do it! Because your husband would think that you ran away and wouldn't listen to him. You have to shut up and accept everything he utters until he is calm. After he was quiet, I told him, ' is it done? ' next I'm out.... ' cause he must be tired and need a break after releasing his anger blast. I went out and resumed my home work."

" what are you doing? Would you avoid him and not talk to him for a week or more?" ask the curious.
The woman said: " you don't do that, because it's a bad habit. That's a weapon that could backfire on you. When you get away from him a week and he wants to apologize to you, then avoid him going back to anger. Even maybe he'll be far more angry than before."

" then what do you do?" ask the mc to keep chasing.
The woman replied, " two hours or more, I bring her a glass of fruit juice or a cup of coffee, and I tell her, please drink. I knew he would need such a thing, then I said to him like nothing ever happened before."

" are you mad at him?" say the presenter with a fascination.
The woman said: " no. And that's when my husband began to apologize to me and he said with a gentle voice."

" and you believe it?" said the presenter.
He will say, " yes. Sure. Because I believe in myself and I'm not a fool. Do you want me to believe him when he gets mad and doesn't believe it when he's quiet

" then what about your pride?" cut the presenter.
" my self-esteem is with my husband and in our relationship. And his true husband is no longer such as self-esteem. What pride again?!!! While in front of your husband, you have taken off all your clothes!"

Order for wives

Be a different woman than any other woman..
Be woman woman but unique..
So that your partner would never take away from you, even if you say so much

Because there is a certain reason of your personality that keeps him afloat..
Because he is aware that he will find it from any woman but you.

Not endure for mercy, because of children or constraints because it won't last long.

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