Stop Making School as a Child's Laundry Service

By iwan januar

In the middle of October this year I was asked to fill the parenting event in one of the Islam school On his agenda, parenting, the schools invite teachers and parents. Officials asked me to discuss the importance of synergy with parents. These themes are filed in relation to many old people who think the school is 100 percent of children's education.

This request is not the only one, because a few days later the other Islamic school in the other city also asked me to discuss similar themes; synergy home with school. Their complaints are the same, having trouble dealing with parents who still think of school is everything for their children. More than just a place of academic abilities, but also takwin Ash-Syakhsiyyah 100 percent.

In the present age, some of the old people think about children's education and schools haven't changed yet. They believe that the school is a boy's cleaning place with all the perks of cleaning up their children from dirty to clean. Troubled child put it to Islamic school, children difficult to pray, take it to Islamic school, etc.

The burden of this education that then was loaded to school, especially the teachers. No wonder if the teachers bear heavy burden does not even make sense, such as the activities of the school teachers are asked for help and responsibility. Kids are addicted to an internet cafe, difficult to pray at Dawn, lazy in the house, the school is responsible.

Ayahbunda, let's think clearly and according to the demands of Islam; who is in charge of parenting and child education? Parents or other parties? Who will be the first to be judged by our son, ourselves or the headmaster?

I think the answer's the same thing, old man. In the Qur ' an already recorded for the parents to keep the family from the heat of hell.

O ye who believe! Save yourselves and your family from the fire whose fuel is men and stones. Over the angels, the angels, who are hard, and do not disobey Allah in that which he hath commanded them, and do what they are commanded. Tqs. At-Tahrim: 6)

Fathers will not be able to escape from the children of the day of judgment. The Word of the Prophet.:

You are all a shepherd, and all of you are responsible for his flock, the Imam and the man in charge of his flock, and the man is a keeper of his family, and he is responsible for his flock, and the woman is a shepherd in her husband's home and responsible for her In the money of his master and in charge of his flock, he said, and I thought he said, " and the man is a shepherd in his father's money, and in charge of his flock, as well as
Ibn Umar r. A saying: I have heard the messenger of God is a leader, and will be questioned about it. A State Chief will be questioned about the people he LED. A husband will be asked about the family he LED. A wife guarding her husband's household will be asked about her duty and duty. Even a servant / housekeeper who is in charge of preserving the property of his employer will also be questioned. And you will be questioned about it. HR. Bukhari, Muslim)

Supposed to be here we as an old man is enough to understand that in our shoulders is the parenting and education of the boy. His Father and his mother are responsible for the formation of the characters. That's what's in the book. No, no, no, no, no, no. No other husband and wife work together as a child's educator partner.

Schools are only partners and means of strengthening education at home. School's primary education is an academic education, while the others are reps or repetitions of the character of character at home and add some characters particularly in kedisplinan and alphabetically. Most of the ethics should have been taught at home.

Therefore do not worship the school, like the school is a camera crater that can turn our child into power. Or make a school as our children's bad-character laundry place, which once they are inserted, the child becomes pious and righteous.

Let's count, the life of the child is much longer outside the house than at school. Ever since he was born to puberty much longer with both parents and his brothers. When school was only a third of his life that he wore at school, the rest he was out of school like at home. Then, is it fair that we demand all that good to be at school?

Don't think that you've paid expensive children's education. Tens of millions of millions of rupiah, and the cost of your children's activities at school. It's not an alibi for allowing the attitude to make school as a ' Wash ' kid s' character. There is a task domain that exists in our shoulders, not in the school's shoulders.

From now on, stop thinking that school is a kid's laundry place. Begin to make home as a place of positive character for our children. Teach him a true worship, speak politely, nice and friendly, happy to help, thankful grateful, etc.

Maybe we're at home can't be teachers tahsin or teacher taintless the Qur ' an for them, but parents can be the best character teachers for kids. God willing.

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