Stop Dating Because Mom's Prayers

By Hanik Syukrillah, M. Si

Last week there was an inspiring teen dialog youth event with the save theme of our generation with love. One part of the show, there's an adolescent chat session that has already dated. He revealed that at the beginning of his courtship, he was happy, because this teenager felt different with his usual teens. ' cause usually a guy must see a chick from her skinny body shape, but this teenager is the opposite. But sweet face. This is what his girlfriend said. They were dating until they walked 3 months and after that, the boyfriend didn't know its knowledge. This kind of love that always makes this teenager baper, until the meal and sholatpun always remember him, it's fair that a boyfriend can make a crazy person. In this position turns out this adolescent mother is very considerate.

There was one night that this teenager was thinking for what he was dating. By the time the mother told me that although people said her face and her body weren't beautiful and slim, but according to your mother's beautiful, and the mother said to find a good man, a good man who came to the house to propose not to The Mother said that " Mother will every day pray, even when you're very mature and you haven't found a companion, mother will pray that you have a good man. Even if you're gone and you haven't found a partner, I will still pray there for you to get a good escort. Follow the messenger of the messenger because we are muslims ".

With the eyes of the teenager, and gave a message to a boy who was present, remember when you wanted to do an example of a courtship, remember your mother. Your Mother 50 % Heaven. I'll be in tune when you have a problem, and your mother was most sad when something bad happened to you
Mother's influence on child's personality is so incredible, mom should be able to solve child problems, give her motivation, guidance, and best prayer for the child. This is going to be a hard scar. May I have it too. Guiding his son to the right path. Surely it's not instant, it takes science, it takes a struggle, it needs hard work. Mother now is far from the story above. Why since today we see mom is no longer sad when her son is dating, properly motivated to get a girlfriend, not being single. They're more than giving the children's freedom in a relationship as long as it's not kebablasan or dating doesn't

In Islam, mother is the first madrasa for the child to get a lot of supplies to face a variety of challenges in life. In particular, no wonder a lot of success from the great love of the mother was given to the child, such as the asma ' Abu Abu Bakr that continues to encourage his son Abdullah bin zubair not to give up against the enemy and to continue to be a youth defender of It was a tribute to Abdullah Bin Zubair with an incredible sacrifice for the being of Islam, until giving the surge of surge for Abdullah Bin Zubair, because he was included in the hadist of the young

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