Still about talent

ByYeti Widiati

The term "gifted child" used in the education term as if there was a talented and talented child. Children are also viewed to have "caste" higher than other children that are not mentioned. The differentiation of the talented and non-talented child is more likely to cause psychological effects for children who feel not gifted. The concept and pride came down and he lost confidence. Treat teachers, parents and surroundings. Those who often glare with their dazzling children tend to demand and force their child to be the same as other people who say " talented." so the child is not encouraged to be himself.

We try to look the other way.
1. Talents a child can be very specific
Suppose There's a talented boy in science, language, art, music, cooking. Speaking / affecting people, memorizing, Sports, etc.

2. A child could have varied talents
For example, there is an amazing talented boy in mathematics but also high talented in music. There's a very talented boy and a good cook.

3. Talents are not only intellectual or related to academic fields. So when a low card report doesn't mean he's not talented at all. Talents can also be the sensitivity of understanding other people, smooth communicate, skills using tools, etc. That didn't enter a report card at school.

Two talents don't have to be outstanding.
Talent performance should not be an achievement or champion in certain fields. Because talent is not to be compared to others. Talent is known by comparing between aspects of itself. As Allah has given it, and it is a matter of different ways, but it is not regrettable when we are not the best.
A Successful Village Chief LED His citizens to maintain a leadership talent even though he didn't become governor. A Evan Dimas still has a football game even though he doesn't play in the European League Like Messi for example. And a boy who looks ordinary, never champion in class, still has a talent though he's not the best in his class.

5. Talents are rizki God's gift.
That is the prerogative of God. But we as men have an obligation to accept it and take advantage of God.

Therefore it is concluded that basically everyone has a talent with different types and different rates anyway.

On the kerapkali talent child is less than optimal. An unknown or ignored talent can be caused by some of the following, which is;
1. When parents respect other abilities.
For example, parents think that smart school is important, so more focused on school performance. But it turns out that children have great cooking talents, but not driven, cherished and developed.

2. When parents think that talent has to be proven by becoming a champion.
Until when the child has tried hard and exhausted but not to be a champion, the effort remains considered meaningless. (duh) how the child feels, it hurts... :()

3. When trying to develop talent to be very pressing and burdensome or the atmosphere is unpleasant.
Maybe the kid has talent in writing. But the language teacher in the school lacks a pleasant learning mood and rewarding for the child. Then his talents appear less optimal.

4. Instead of the effort to develop a very minimum of talent or not even at all, then the child is not compelled to try and explore his abilities.

* real boy is a great trust. His rightful owner is the giver. The feeling that we have and has the right to arrange often make us beyond the limits and forget the child's rights. Thank our son for all his talents and abilities. There's no need to be jealous of the talent of others. Because the child's happiness is on the acceptance of the people who love him.

(poking in the mirror and while poking Budi Dar)

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