Simple Tips but proven Powerful in keeping the Heart always Healthy

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1. Reduce consumption of salt

A dangerous risk consuming excessive salt is increasing pressure in blood or normal called high blood (Hypertension). At the advanced, this condition could trigger the coronary heart disease. Start a simple habit by reducing the use of salt in the food menu everyday. . .

2. Away from cigarettes

Smoking is a bad habit that could trigger a variety of dangerous diseases, including cardiac arrest. If you want a healthy heart, then leave a smoking habit including getting away from the smokers. . .

3. Regular Sports

Sport is a basic and important need to maintain body health. Sports don't have to be heavy, you can do lightweight activity like walking or running casual for about half an hour. The fact to mention that by moving heart organs will be healthier than just sitting quietly in place.

4. Take some time to relax.

Buddy by the time to go on holiday to a pleasant place, then the mood will also be more fresh and quiet. It will also impact very well for health, especially the heart and lower the stress levels. . .

5. Smiles and laughs

Why did this happen? ' cause if you're dizzy with the problems that are facing, then it can also affect the health of the body especially the heart. Try to spend time to amuse yourself or with your close friends like watching Television, following opera or traditional events. Because this is gonna make you laugh off. .

So 5 Tips for heart is always healthy. Hope this opportunity is useful

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