Searching for Celestial Sciences


Ramadan is usually the momentum to learn a lot of "Science-science". isn't the first revelation down from the sky about learning? Learn that since reading is always in the name of God! A good start when science and faith march in hand. There is no such thing as the way of God.
But the science of the heavens is not the knowledge of worship or about the next. Ever attempted at a state Islamic University, teachers and researchers were challenged to create a scientific work according to their ideas and creativity. Then they were asked to present in front of a number of professors from various fields specifically invited to it. For three best works will get a special award from the rector.
Honey, of all the science fields at the university, only in three written works. These three are fields of mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Although it has been waiting of Sharia Economics, Islamic history, education, communications, and the like.
The Mathematics of the mathematics of the EKG EFFORT (EKG) (EKG) is automatically using artificial neural netting and expert systems. Which the physics of physics peel up how to increase steel violence by adding a boron layer. The Chemical Peeling aspects of phytochemical on the nam-Nam plant.

All interesting. Only one seems to be too late. None of the paper ties his research with a scripture or Hadith, as a characteristic of Islam. Though there are more than 800 words to inspire science.
The Quran specifically mentions the fingers:
Indeed, we are able to restore his very fingertips. (tqs. 75:4)
Now that we know that on that unique fingerprint is a lot of stuff about these humans. It must be relevant to the ekg research that would like to get a heart view from what could be diindera from the outside through an EKG

Then Alquran Hadid Verse 25 says:
And we have created iron in which there is a great power and benefits for mankind, and that Allah may know those who help him and his messengers. (tqs. 57:25)
It's certainly relevant to the steel hardening research.
Likewise Qs Al-insan:

Therein they shall be made to drink a cup whereof the mixture is of zanjabil, (tqs 76:17)
Although these verses explicitly mention the ginger, but it is an inspiration to research various types of plants, because it's so special to be referred to as a mixture of the
Result, in various islamic colleges, there must be some research motivated and inspired by the Qur ' an. Moreover plus biodiversity, geology and humans in this country.
Is it in the past of this kind of research?

A lot of people believe. Although it is not always easy to sort out where the motivation is driven by the inspiration democracy with the motivation of curiosity, or a necessary necessity.
Islamic Sharia has also created a variety of new needs that encourage people to search and develop new science and technology.

Al-Khwarizmi (780-850 M), the inventor of algebra and from his name appeared the term "algorithm" used to be used in the world of computer science, so into algebra after getting a question about the As it is known that the legal laws in Islam are quite complicated so in certain cases require mathematical equations to count them in detail.

Al-Kindi (801-873) is the pioneer in cryptology analysis, which is the scientific knowledge of a text so it can only be understood when it is Cryptology is required for a text sent through an unknown communication line or is used for people who are not entitled. In the book a manuscript on deciphering messages are shown how al-kindi unraveled a encrypted text with frequency analysis.
In Astronomy, a history to mention that the study of he in Baghdad uses the almagest book of ptolomeus as the true interpretation of qs al-Ghasiyah Verse 18, "and sky how high".
Astronomy is developed to get accurate navigation data when sailing in the middle of the ocean, good for peaceful purposes (trade, dawah), nor war (Jihad amazing sabilillah). Astronomy has cleansed himself from astrology, the star science to predict fate, which has been banned by Islam.

Astronomy also requires a variety of aids. Ibn Al-Haytsam (approximately 1000 M) was the first physicist who developed the optics (Lens, telescopes) and also the first mathematicians to lower the equations of four ranks, and use an induction method to develop all integral equations - what in Europe just developed newton And Leibniz's four centuries after.

Jabir Ibn Hayyan (Geber, 715-815) departed from his attempt to cleanse the chemistry of witchcraft that obscure the potion with spells. Because his services are presenting experimental scientific methods and also more than 20 kinds of laboratory equipment such as destilasi, crystallization, oxidation, oxidation, filtration and crystallography, as in the book of al-Istitmam, he recognized the world as "the father of chemistry".

It's just a bit of the "Iceberg" scientist democracy in the time of Islam. Needs to take care of people and win the jihad and the spiritual urge of some of the Qur ' an order to keep the Muslims alive in mathematics, physics, and chemicals that do not simply stop in mind, but also present something real useful.

Islamic mathematics has repelled the Greek numerology or ancient Indians to the trash of civilization. Islamic astronomy has banished astrology. In Physics and Islamic chemistry has moved the magic to the world that is irrelevant in life.[]

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