Sahur end Limit

The four magnesium think the time sahur is ending when it has risen the dawn of Sadiq (so ' the al-Sadiq). In other words, sahur's time ends up to accessibility dawn. Covenant the word of Allah.

" and eat your drink to the light of the white thread of the black thread, which is the dawn." (QS AL-as [2]: 187).
Allah is all-forgiving, all-merciful. (Yusuf Al-Qaradhawi, the fiqh of al-Shiyam, hlm. 101; Mahmud Abdul Lathif Uwaidhah, Al-Jami ' Li Ahkam Al-Shiyam, hlm. 77; wahbah zuhaili of al-Munir, 2/153).

In the morning is the dawn of dawn. Covenant Hadith ' Aisha ra, he said," do not accessibility bilal prevent from your sahur, because he calls for accessibility at night. Eat your drink until you have heard the call to the accessibility of the dawn of the dawn. This Hadith explains bilal in the evening, or at the emergence of the dawn of kadzib, the emergence of the white light.

Ibn unlettered maktum in the morning, the emergence of the emergence of the sun. (Mahmud Abdul Lathif Uwaidhah, ibid., hlm. 82).

According to the hadith of the hadith of this ra, sahur time is not the dawn of kadzib, but the dawn of sadiq, when accessibility dawn Therefore, the time imsak (about 10 minutes before dawn time) is not the final limit of sahur. The final limit of sahur is the arrival of the dawning of a day. Then if the time imsak arrive, eat and drink for the sahur is still allowed and not illegal.

Time is only for caution (Ihtiyath) only, not the final deadline of sahur. Covenant Hadith Zayd ibn thabit ra who said,

"we used to eat sahur with sahur, and then we stood up for the prayer, and they said," how long is it between the two and the prayer of the sahur and the prayers of zaid 50 verses." (hr Bukhari, Muslim, NASA ' I, Tirmidhi, and ibn Majah). (Mahmud Abdul Lathif Uwaidhah, ibid., hlm. 81).
Result, the final deadline sahur is when accessibility dawn. But not the beginning of accessibility accessibility, because there is a sign for sahur when people listen to accessibility accessibility.

In other words, Hadith ' he ra that the final limit of sahur is accessibility dawn is still mujmal (Global). This Hadith is then reengineered with the hadith of abu hureyrah ra as a mubayyan () of the mujmal)) who still allow sahur when accessibility dawn.

(Allah) said, " if one of you listens to the prayer, and the goblet is in his hands, then do not put him away until he turns away from it. 2350, Ahmad, daraqutni, and al-Hakim. Hadith is dishahihkan by Al-Hakim and approved by Imam Dhahabi). (Mahmud Abdul Lathif Uwaidhah, ibid., hlm. 79).

According to Hadith of abu hureyrah ra, it is evident that eating and drinking when accessibility dawn is still allowed. Hadith of abu hureyrah ra this is a) (Mubayyan) of the hadith of the hadith of the hadith of the hadith is.

In conclusion, the final limit of sahur is when accessibility dawn, but not the start of accessibility accessibility, but it extends to the end of accessibility Then if accessibility dawn is still kicks, sahur still can, not haram, and do not mandatory. Proclaim his greatness.

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