Reclamation, Drop Hand Policy

Again. The Reclamation is inviting controversy. Many parties and attempt to stop the Jakarta Reclamation Reclamation. The refusal of rejection is a symbol to the common people capable of supporting much support. Instead of this project reap the antipathy of the people to push back from the chair.
(Walhi) environment (Walhi) through director executive claims to be disappointed against the decision of coordinating maritime b b Athena that revoked the cessation of the development of the island's reclamation Walhi believes that the decision affects the noise of the traffic community. (Metro.Sindonews.Com 10/10/2017).
Mr. Luhut stated this project has fulfilled the terms of licensing. But strangely when it's confirmed to the president, Mr. Jokowi is evasive. " I also have never issued permission for reclamation," unequivocally jokowi after attending a social forestry event for the economic society at the estuary of the sink county kingpin, Wednesday (1/11/2017). related to the governor's regulations he denied it as the reclamation (News.Liputan6.Com 01/11/2017).
Leaders too
Man is his place of mistake and mistaken for a leader. The caliber of the prophets even as a leader does not escape from the pros and cons of its people. Kritikanpun can come from anywhere. Well from the assembly of the people of the nation, which is working to provide feedback and criticism of the government, or by the people directly.
Syaidina Ali has protested the companions of Uthman Bin Affan while serving as kholifah. When he speaks of Hajj and umrah to the pilgrimage. In order that it will be very difficult for the people, while God and his messenger allow them at a time. Even if he did not elude, he immediately responded to an explanation in front of his people. That it is only his personal opinion, can be followed. Not as his policy as a ruler. Ali finally felt calm with his best friend's answer.
As well as the reign of Umar bin khatab. It appears the trend of women is very high. Because worried the virgins had trouble to fulfill it and finally bit to get married. Then he makes the policy limit the price of 400 dirhams.
Once announced, there was a woman who felt this policy was unjust. He went to face the new umar done. You have no right to do so. Don't you have heard the word of Allah." while quoting the word of ALLAH QS. An-Nisa Verse 20.
In the face of God's face. But shortly he became aware of kekhilafannya and without shame he allowed the woman. " Umar is wrong and this woman is right!" in front of a lot of people. And immediately the policy was canceled.
That's the idea of a dream leader. Not the one that's never wrong, but the one with the dashing accepts even criticism. Then provide a convincing explanation if the policy is correct. Or confess to a mistake and immediately cancel the policy.
Standard for true policy
In this case there must be an obvious standard. Not to claim each other until it finally caused such trouble. The true truth. Which is no different between people and officials. Contain Justice for all. Regardless of the tribe, religion, race, natives or immigrants as long as they become citizens.
In this case, there are only two possibilities. Using Human-made standards or created by the human creator. Human beings are fragile and limited. Easily affected by various interests. Good for a can be bad for b or the others. Using Human-made standards just open the width of the dispute. Then the only choice is to take the standard of God.
Allah is all-knowing, all-wise. Starting with a neighbor to the rules of the country. From Trading Business to the business of exploration of the earth. While in the business of counseling, Islam forbids coercion. And everyone is welcome to worship each other.
There is no need to suspect that the Islamic law of Islamic law will corrupt the union and nullify the ' cause that is generally a standard rule in mumalah business. It will keep the union, because it is made by an independent substance. One more thing, there's no need to worry there will be religious jealousy because the rules of this mumalah are nothing other than Islam.
Reclamation must stop
According to the reclamation. Other than the torments of the fishermen's life and ruined the ecosystem Also LED to internal resilience. Especially in the case of an island g underneath there is the capital of capital city capital. Which if the reclamation will change the temperature of the water in sekitarannya and it affects the declining of electricity. And there are still some other harmful impacts.
Although generally the reclamation process includes the technical technical matter. It's just the case of the gulf of Jakarta. Either side of the harm, or in its manager's rights that should not be established for private purposes. Then it should be with or without criticism of the people of this project must be stopped.

Make the power of the resurrection.

When the noise of the reclamation is supposed to be a master present to provide a solution Showing preferential treatment, will continue or end this policy. Not to leave the hand that begs the question. If not father, then who has given permission? Or, does the current ruler have lost power?
If you do not, o LORD. Seek your power as a self-Rescue Tool. Make it the way of this nation to the essentials. A Sovereign nation of the people. Where the rest of his country lives in peace. Secure, safety and comfort of his life. Tepenuhi of his spiritual aspects. Given space even support to run the religion he believed in.
Be the pious leader who takes the rules of the creator as a standard rule in managing the nation. A blessing from the heavens and the earth. Thus the promise of Allah swt in his word, for those who believe (QS. Al-a ' RAF: 96).

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