Promises were betrayed

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - About 550 people have gathered in the merdeka building, bandung on November 10, 1956. in the classic building two floors of Marble Marble. Basic change of country and basic law). The appointment signifies the trial.


Trial trial is a great trial for people and Muslims, no exception in the chairman of muhammadiyah (1942-1953) ki bagoes hadikoesoemo. Previously, on June 22, 1945, the ninth committee formed the preparation of the Indonesian Independence Investigators (Bpupki) Signed the opening plans of the state of the state of RI. Though it has been confirmed but left the debate between the Islamic groups on one side and the secular and Christian groups on the other side of seven words in the 1945. While chairman bpupki soekarno tried to mediate with kompromistis style [Read: mixing the truth and falsehood]. in the meeting of July 11 July 1945, soekarno said, ' I repeat that this is a kompromis to end the trouble between us together. Even after the sweat we shed. Gentlemen, I think it has turned out that the sentence is based on the obligation to perform the way of the Muslims for the believers. On the 14th of July, ki bagoes suggested that for the word to be excluded. So the word is a Godhead, with a duty of Islamic Sharia.      

A secular group. Sukarno is asking for all members of the bpupki to maintain the 11th of July results. Finally decided to keep a sentence: by being based on to with the obligation to run the Islam for the believers in the 1945.


But not a secular person if not cunning. A day after the proclamation of independence, exactly on August 18, 1945, without trial, soekarno and Muhammad Hatta to remove a sentence with the purpose of running Islam for friends for friends.       

The seven words were removed by the pretext and Catholic of, more like to stand outside of the republic when the seven words are still listed in the law of 1945. then kasman singodimejo, members of the ninth committee, the one who enticed sukarno was able to agree to the The one.       

The Late Hussein Umar (last as the chairman of the council of but islamiyah Indonesia) said it was still ringing in a discussion. Kasman felt guilty because with a delicate Javanese language kasman delivered to ki bagoes for while accepting the-word proposals.       

Kasman influenced by soekarno's promise in his word. ' this is a temporary Constitution, the law of emergency, the statute of lightning. Next six months of mpr, what the gentlemen of the Islamic group want please fight there," said kasman impersonating sukarno. Kasman think, first free. Then ask that ki bagoes patiently wait for another six months.       

But six months later sukarno didn't keep promises. People's consultative assembly isn't formed yet. While ki bagoes requested by kasman died In wait at 1953.


In the konstituante trial, kasman recalls the events of deletion and promise to ki bagoes. " Brother Chairman, now the Islamic Messenger of Islam is good that it has left us for eternity, because it has passed away. He has waited for patience, not waiting for 6 months as he had been promised. He awaits, waiting for his death. He will now be unable to participate in this konstituante council to enter the Islamic matter, into the basic laws that we're dealing with right now," to expose the kasman. He then asked, " Brother Chairman, categorically I would like to ask, brother chairman, where else if not in this honorable Council Council, brother chairman, where are our Islamic faction able to claim penunaian s' promise? Where else is the place?" On November 10, 1957, the leader of the Islamic Union of Islam (exactly) kh isa ansari. He also questioned the seven words in the charter of Jakarta. " the words of the people who believe in the way of the believers and the people of the book, give them a chance, and in the way of God.    

"... the words on the top of it are filled with promise and hope, and the certainty for all of the Muslims, that his religion will have a reasonable place in the order of the people and the state of the state of the state.      

" however, brother chairman, apparently the path of history does not move above the charter of the charter. After Independence of Indonesia diproklamasikan on August 17, 1945, the state of Indonesian National law announced August 18, 1945. in the state of the state policy of the republic of Indonesia 1945 sentences By the hugger of the believers, the believers are not at all."     

" what is the matter with you, that there is no sign?"       

" Chairman, the striking event of history is felt by Muslims as a magic game which is still surrounded by secret mists. Events striking the history of the history, felt by the Indonesian Muslims as a political game of Pat-Gulipat against his faction, but they were silent, did not hold challenges and resistance, because the soul of their      " by the time our country is in a crisis, is at the rate and a degree of danger, always the Islamic leader of the Borg-Kan (mortgaged, red) the Muslims LED them to save the nation of Republic of Indonesia, although in the republic of Indonesia it Teachings and laws of Islam," strictly speaking.       

In the occasion of the next trial, buya hamka reminds that the spirit against colonization, the bravery arising into the courageous spirit of death, martyrdom is the result of the love of God in the chest, not pancasila " that is what we know, soul or the animates proclamation 17 August, not pancasila! Big brother. The Pancasila has never been and never, because the privilege of his life in the Dutch age is consequential hearts and never known, not popular and has never been in this chest right now." " Brother Leader, not pancasila, but allahu akbar Even most of the value of pancasila is now, except for the party of the communists, who are real in the heart of sanubarinya until now, in fact is allahu akbar!"         

Buya hamka assert, the struggle makes Islam as a national policy instead of betraying Indonesia, in fact, just following the will of the warriors and the people of the nation like the sultan of hasanuddin, my lord imam bonjol, teuku chik di tiro, Maulana Hasanuddin, prince Making Islam as a national policy is not for the benefit of the party or the Islamic faction in konstituante, but for the children who continue the struggle of           And at the peak of the loudest and outspoken buya hamka even. "if our country is taking the policy of the country based on pancasila, it is as if we're headed to hell..." strictly        

Of course, ladies and gentlemen in the trial trial, it was shocked to hear the testimony of a man in muhammadiyah Islamic society " not only the pancasila support, also the Muslim nation's supporters are equally surprised," said the kh irfan hamka described the father as written in his book called the eternal story with my father hamka. Betrayed again        

At the end of 1958, the constitution of the constitution has reached 90 percent of all of the constitutional material. But still there was a fierce debate about the seven words. Then Sukarno asked konstituante to determine the deadline to finish the job later on March 26, 1960.        

Strangely, although the deadline is still nine months away, there is no wind no rain, on June 5, 1959, sukarno brings out the President's edict of dissolution and re-enacting the law 1945. Since then, so it begins a very repressive Leadership democracy time.[] joko prasetyo from various sources Earn charities by sharing the following posts

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