Most people judge prison as a place for criminals and criminals. Assumption like this is not a hundred percent wrong. Him, the function of the prison is as a means of rehabilitation or correctional - so it's called a correctional facility - for those who are judged against

However, did they go to prison it was completely melangga the law? Not necessarily. Some don't even have anything to do with the world of crime. Called political prisoners. Out of prison is not because of a crime to do, but because of their political activities. That's what a lot of world figures have been. Call it bung karno, first president of Indonesia. Before Freedom, he was thrown into prison by the Dutch. Since Iasia, bung karno was very active against the Dutch Colonial government. As if he was a target of Dutch Polosi. The first time he was arrested in banceuy prison, bandung, in 1929 when he was 28 years old. He was arrested with three of his colleagues from pni, Maskoen, soepriadinata and gatot mangkoepraja.

In the western world there was a Galileo Galilei. He seorong astronomers, filduf and physicists of Italy. He was instrumental in developing science. Galileo was jailed for supporting the theory of the heliosantris of Nicholas Copernicus. This theory explains that the center of the solar system is the sun. This theory is opposed to the Roman Catholic church that holds a geocentric theory. Even then Galileo was beheaded. Berbad-century after such a tragic event, ultimately proved that the scientific theory of scientific conversationally.

In the history of Islam, Ibn Taymiyyah, leading scholars, who have made a huge contribution to the development of tsaqafah and Islamic Dawah, seven times out of prison. He bahken the rest of his age in the iron bars.


For a true Muslim, the rigors prison will not imprison her soul as a servant of God Almighty. The Armpit must choose, clearly what they have to choose, as the prophet said, " My Lord! Prison is dearer to me than to fulfill their call. If I do not turn away from them, I will incline towards them, and I am one of the ignorant."

For a jailed soldier, incarcerated is only physical or jasimani. However, the soul and the Muslims remain, free. Independence Essentials is not of the physical independence, but the foremost is the independence of the soul. When a soul is captivated, the entire physical potency will follow.

And he will say, " what is the matter with my enemies? Heaven and garden are in my chest. Wherever I go he's always with me and never leaves me. It's a prison for me. My death was a martyr. Terusirnya from my country is rekreasiku."

Therefore be reminded that we take care of a prison that doesn't seem around us. Maybe we don't see that prison. But it turns out we've been captivated, tersandera, detained, and shackled by ' something '! It could be anything. Visible or unseen. In mind or felt by your senses.

In the shadow of many people, prison is paralysis. Prison is death. Anyone who has gone to prison seems to have run out. Armageddon. In fact, not so. For A Warrior, the prison was no longer his cause, nor did he stop himself to create.

In Prison, born a lot of monumental work. Ibn Taimiyyah for once in the first prison in Damascus, wrote a famous book, the Ash-Shaarim Al-Masluul ' ala syaatim al-Rasuul (the sword was seized by that penghina messenger). It has been revealed to everyone who insults the prophet and the messenger of God. This book completes more than 500 books that he writes, among those who are famous is majmuu ' Fatawa that contains a fatwa of various things.

And I don't know. Behind the wall, he wrote a pledoi (defense speech) the name of Indonesia sued. Pledoi is then read in the landraad building (Low Court) Dutch Colonial government in bandung. Experience as an orator in pni makes soekarno able to change the hearing that the Dutch government meant to drop soekarno into such a public meeting and it seemed to be the star.

Syed Quthb, before martyrdom at the gallows, finish the phenomenal work, TAFSIR FI AL 'an, also the book ma' Aalim Fi Thariiq (Street Guide) and a little pamphlet why I was sentenced to death. Hitler wrote me in prison as well. The book that inspired the German nation to rise and attempt to conquer another nation. Tan, the great figure in the history of the Indonesian Independence Revolution, wrote book books in prison. Buya Hamka, once grateful to sukarno who has imprisoned him.

It's not just the work, the prison is ravishing. In prison it turns out people are easier to accept the truth. A prison is a very good place for you. Thanks to perseverance and grace and sincerity on dai, many of the prisoners are guided. In Egypt, when thousands of Muslim brotherhood had been thrown into prison by the regime at that time, a maternity prison became some kind of cabin-Shack, a great place of memorize, to be a place scientist and became a place of pengkaderan. Many are after out of prison, memorization, and the spirit of his struggle.

Islam in the United States and Europe made one of them through prison. Bimbinga Muslims Islam in the United States prison begins in the ' 1970 s for the initiative of the leader of the Islamic organization of Islam, Louis Farrakhan. Professor at Vassar College, Lawrence Mamlya, who was researching the existence of Muslim prisoners in the U.S. penitentiary says, the involvement of the Muslim priests in the United States is very effective in the efforts of the According to mamlya, it is estimated 10 percent of all prisoners in the U.S. prison vote in Islam. That means, about 1.800 out of 18.000 inmates in the U.S. prison to be a Muslim.

Islam has also pulled a large number of inmates in the prison of feltham young of fenders in West London. A large wave of religious transference causes a third of the famous prison inmates in England now is a converted. According to the department of justice, the converted number in that prison has now reached 229 Muslims from a total of 686 young men At the time of prayer Friday, worshippers more-so the worshippers must be divided between the feltham mosque and the gym facility in prison.


So, instead of being a handcuff place, prison is a liberating place for the great people. They are the people who understand the nature of freedom. A lot of political figures, including Islamic fighters, just won a victory after jail. Look, Nelson Mandela. After 27 years in prison, he finally managed to put an end to the apartheid political politics of practiced in South Africa. As well as xanana gusmão, Aung sang su kyii and others.

In Indonesia, Prince Diponegoro, Imam Bonjol, m. Natsir, buya hamka, sahirul alim, Habib Rizieq and many other figures have been to prison. Indeed, it is a lot of people. ' s growing up, getting bigger and no longer will reach its peak, in victory, God willing.

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