Parenting is an old man's debt

Oxana Malaya was a tragic little girl from Ukraine. In 1991 a number of people found oxana living among a bunch of dogs in a cage. He was eight years old, and he's been living there for six years. His parents were drunk and one day they left oxana outside the house.

In order to find the warmth, the little girl crawled into the kennels on the farm then curled up with the homeless dogs and most likely the action saved her life.

For living years with a flock of dogs, the Ukrainian girl ran like a dog, with his legs and his hands, hanging out the tongue, showing teeth and barking. And because hardly ever touch a man, the word he knows is just " yes " and " no ".

Oxana is an extreme example of a 'nurturing'. Children who grow from parenting who fails to lose their humanity. The more and often the children lose parenting and compassion, the more of their humanitarian traits.

A lot of research shows children and teens behaving antisocial, the parenting of their parents. Their wits and their inner are dry, so they can easily be verbally abusive or physical to others, bullying, emotionally explosive, or aloof in the environment, to engage in crime. There is also that appears as the inferior boy, has no self-confidence, sullen and loner.

Psychologist Floyd Phds in psycholog today refer to children and adults who behave like that as a group of 'hungry touch'.

He says the human body gives a signal when hungry then needs to eat, thirsty needs a drink, and tired needs sleep. Similarly, when they lack compassion, the body will respond with a touch of hunger. People who get hungry touch in her life will feel less happy, lonely, and more depressed too stress. They also have the satisfaction of low social relations and are exposed to condition conditions, a condition where they're having trouble expressing and digesting emotions.

Because parenting is your parent s' debt, and it demands payment. Parents who rarely spend time with children will make children feel isolated and having trouble building social relationships with others. Children who often get scolded by parents, get a bad call, would, will lose confidence, easily upset, and bully others.

When they're growing up that behavior continues to be. Not a few old people reeling with their immature daughters at his age. Minimum responsibility, there is no desire to settle down, and when a family is often involved with couples and abandon children.

Understand that it's all the ' Bill s' parenting demands of an old man. Children who have minimal affection and continue to experience the hunger touch from the family. This disaster can continue to be a family because they have no experience in sharing affection for their spouses and children. This sort of household is susceptible to divorce.

Parents have to be aware of a parenting debt on a child having a hunger touch on a child. Because it can affect the future of children, even to the families they wake up.

Because an old man should be aware of a parenting deficit. There are some things to do:

First, take the time to give some quality time with a child like when they're sick, for rapot, stage at school, and occasionally deliver to school or study. Messenger of God. Always entertaining those sad kids like when a boy called Abu ' Umair ' sad ' because ' because. He approaches and console him.

Second, pay attention and compassion for them. Listen to the boy's babble and get rid of your gadgets. When they embrace them, embrace her tightly and express your voice like the people who miss you long not to meet and say you love them. Messenger of God. Often jokes with his grandchildren, playing buck-Buck, or cradling them in prayer.

The third, avoid unnecessary anger, let alone the will and blow to the child. Messenger of God. To mention that a good Muslim feature is that other people survived the interference of his tongue and his hands. If you have to punish them, then give them a proper punishment according to Islamic Sharia.

Fourth, when they've reached puberty or adolescent, keep your compassion at the right rate. Treat them like adults, take responsibility, and praise their good deeds. Prophet. Is a man who does not release praise to his friends and pray for them.

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