Obedience and Unity

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Eid always teases our memory to remember the obedience of a servant to his creator. The Grace of a man of God is based on his trial.       

The story of Abraham the United States and Ishmael of the United States, which means never forget to be a reminder of And they will not be able to make them speechless. That is the nature of obedience. Obedience without but later, without reason and delay.        Obedience will be created from how we realize that we are the creatures of God, God's creation. There is nothing to be proud of. His life is nothing but in the hands of his Lord.       

The truth from my word. We are but the slaves of his servants. Men are created as well, but not as good as the handlers. It has made a man to follow the order of its creator, which is ideal to come to us.      

Eid-Al-adha won't leave a trail of wisdom. It appears to be the unification of the Muslims who meet God's call to worship. Performs the same rules, United, regardless of status, race, background and so on. All that implies a Muslim union is not just an imaginary philosophy but is a inevitability.      

However, one thing that needs to be understood together, that obedience and unity in Islam is not partial but complete.        

Obedience is not but a set of words. Unity does not linger until hajj worship, but it should be true in everyday life. Islam and the unity of the Muslims who are fully thorough and perfect only when sharia is implemented perfectly in all aspects of life. Is applied in a country based on aqidah Islam in caliphate. The Unification of the Muslims does not exist because of diversity it will only be delusions of delusion when Muslims live in the shade of caliphate. That is the color of obedience and unity formed, forming a beautiful spectrum in life.

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