Night prayer

How important is the prayer for a Muslim, God directly instructs him in the Qur ' an. - Quran (QS AL-Muzammil [73]: 1-4).

Why is there an order like this? (Allah) said, " we will send down to you a heavy word." (QS AL-Muzammil [73]: 5).

Allah will give you a heavy trust, and he will give you a heavy burden. Such is the trust of the heavens and the earth. Then it is charged on human shoulders.

The trust is of dawah, enjoining good and forbidding which.

In sight. Abraham said, " the prayer of the night is the highest of the madrassa Prayer of the night is "Madrassa" to learn humility, bowing, self-humility and penitent.

He said, " our Lord is our Lord, our Lord, our Lord, our Lord, our Lord, our Lord, our Lord! Forbidding iniquity and jihad fi sabilillah.

Solomon Al-Halbi did the prayers of the night a month full of al-Azhar's mosque before killing cliber. When he prays, he prays to God, so that he may grant him ease.

When Solomon Al-Halbi had only one knife, nothing more. God Almighty. Giving Him ease. He managed to kill cliber, the famous French War Commander, placed a little under Napoleon.

Shalahuddin Al-Ayyubi, due to his profound understanding of Islam, realizing that the night prayer is one of the key to Muslims victory over the enemy. Therefore, if he walks through his camp at night, he will see them, and they will say, " I fear, we have been attacked by the enemy tonight, from this camp."

So Shalahuddin Al-Ayyubi. He considers not the prayer of the night as a crevice more dangerous than a gap in the castle until the enemy can attack from the gap.

Since the beginning of jihad to meet with Allah swt., Khalid Bin Walid and his friends do prayer night hours and read many verses of the Quran in it. It's crying until making others also cry.

Anyone who has ever interacted with them when they comment, " Khalid and his colleagues like the angels in human form." perhaps this is, in addition to other reasons, one of the success of jihad khalid bin Walid.

There is a scholar Islamic activist who has never left the prayer night overnight. Every night he acts as much as the night of your arms, and meng the Qur ' an.

He increased the frequency of his prayers during the month of Ramadan. When he has aged and has suffered diabetes and some other diseases. However, young people seem exhausted if the prayer is behind him. Some of them will not stand behind. That's what happened.

One of the salaf said, " I'm happy when the night comes. And my eyes will be consoled.

On the day of resurrection, they will not be able to believe. Night prayer will give us the new spirit to perform for Islam and the great provisions, is tawakal to him; also give us the courage against the mus

Uh-enemies of Islam. The night prayer will make our hearts strong and our faith thrives.

Some people may say, " I am busy with a lot of dawah work and there is no time for prayer at night."

For them, Dr. Ibrahim said, " the prayer of the night is one for Islam. It is one of the effective means of creating the success of dawah movements and being Islamic."

And every one of them is in the midst of the day of prayer.

Every Islamic activist should always remember the word of the Caliph Umar Ibn Al-khaththab ra., " if i slept in the night, I would have wasted myself. If I sleep during the day, then i abandon my people."

Caliph Umar Ibn Al-khaththab ra. It is known to be diligent at night prayer. But as the leader of the country, they're all incredible. So much as his attention to night prayer, a lot of friends want to imitate him.

His successor, the Caliph of the uthman ra's., used to khatam the Qur ' an in one night. That's what he's doing in his night prayer! It happens as it is mentioned in a lot of Authentic Hadith.

The Messenger of God, who is super busy taking care of his nation, be and strive against the enemies of Islam throughout his life and educating the friends and Muslims, still working on the night of the night.

Be Well-aware of him, the friend and the generation of the salaf. It has already been a promise to those who fulfil the prayers of the night (QS AL-Isra ' 17).

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