Prophet Muhammad saw. Ever said, as spoken by syaddad ibn ra., " the smart man is the one who always controls his lust and acts for life after death..." (hr at-Tirmidhi).

It is said, " he who controls his own desires, is one of his own people. Related to this hadith, Umar Ibn Al-khaththab ra. Once said, " enjoy yourselves before the reckoning of God. Someday. Prepare for the day of reckoning. Surely the reckoning will be on the day of judgment when the day of judgment will be light in the world. )

Muhasabah (account), as one of the core messages of Hadith above, it is very important done by every Muslim. With a lot of muhasabah, he would know a variety of weaknesses, weaknesses, sins and mistakes he did. With It, he will be compelled to make amends. Then, from year to year, from the moon to the moon, from day to day, even from time to time it becomes better. His faith grows stronger; it is more robust; his prayers are more humble; his charity is increasing and his sins are dwindling, and the more rare it is to be diminished, the more sacrifice, the more praiseworthy, the more sincere, the more sincere, the more wara ', the more trustworthy and more reliable to Allah swt.

Unfortunately, due to various activities, whether you're busy making a living, or Muslims, a Muslim often doesn't have time for it. There is also a rare of not to be busy, but because he is negligent.

Of course, how rare a Muslim is to be a disaster. I don't. With Rare of (Self-Menghisaab), a Muslim often felt nothing lacking in him; he felt he was all right. While it may be, his faith is more fragile, its godfearing is eroded, its prayers are no longer humbling, the deeds of shalihnya is far down, his sins are increasing, the spirit of the world is almost extinguished, the pengorbananya is dwindling, the and getting away from , ketidaktawadukan, of's, ketidakamanahan and farther away from Allah swt. However, all of it often does not realize because his spiritual sensitivity has been lost from him because of his rare sensibility.

As far as it is, he often feels guilty or guilty of being negligent and is not humble, when it is less often, when he does not spend a lot of time, when he does not make a lot of faith, as he does so often. Haram, heard useless things, doing things the, etc. He does not feel remorse when he prays for prayer, when the prayer of the night is too late, when it is not able to be able to do it, when it does not, when it is recited to the Qur ' an, when it is no longer Of course, again, because of the poor he did the muhasabah.

We seem to contemplate back his prophet Muhammad saw. And his noble friends. (Muhammad saw), for he has not slept with a single date. And he thinks that the date-Palm is a part of the alms. That's what's been his burden all night.

Abu Bakr al-siddiq ra. Never regurgitate the food, which he has recently known, that the food was a gift from a soothsayer. When he was asked, why is that so, he said, " if only to spew it up, I must atone with my life, I would have done it. Because, I have heard the messenger of God. Said, " the body of the fire is better for him. ' I'm very worried about it." (Kanz Al-Umal).

The same thing is done by Umar Ibn Al-khaththab ra. He once spewed back the water that he drank, because he recently found out, that it turned out that the milk came from the alms. Suddenly he put his finger in his mouth and regurgitate the milk in it (Imam Malik, Al-Muwaththa).

So, in the day of the Caliph of the uthman. And his sights are placed on the fruits of the trees. After prayer, he regretted it. He then mewakafkan his garden to atone for '( Imam Malik, Al-Muwaththa').

A piece of the story, which is really real, maybe for us some sort of "sky man" story which seems to be impossible for us. Such a thing is to show, that we are really far away with the keteladanan of the messenger of God and the generation. . Why? Because maybe, one of them, we rarely do muhasabah. If we do that, maybe we'll do it once in a year, in a year's turn or a ' Birthday ', or maybe when it comes to But our sins and our deeds do every day, maybe even every time. Sure, all the sins and things are so easy that we forget, ' cause muhasabah once a year can't be able to detect all the sins every day, let alone Sins every day or every time will only be easy to detect if we do muhasabah every day or every time. Hopefully we can all do it.

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