Mother Elementary School vs Bachelor Mom

As usual is based on field observation and cases received.

Have we ever known, seeing or knowing someone who has become extraordinary, whether it's in the academic and in other areas, and it turns out his mother is only an elementary school graduate "? "? have we also known, seeing or knowing the mother of the scholar but Evolve?

Questions crossed my mind, is the "condition" being a good mother it's a formal education? Or if it's wider, what's the condition to be a good mother?

Of course I don't mean to say that as if women don't need to go to high school or highly educated Still, there are advantages in high school, because education is basically forming a way of thinking that directly or indirectly affects how to act and make decisions. Educated people are taught to think logically, analytical, synthesis, philosophical, creative, anticipatory, problem solving, etc. These abilities have been dilatihkan and to during college, collecting data, creating hypothesis and testing, making conclusions and them in the form of scientific work and mempresentasikannya. The ability to think, however will support him when he babysits and educating his child.

With the thought of being owned, a mother can do the most logical anticipation that if there's an incident that will appear b. This ability that allows him to do proper planning and proper action. He also didn't avoid being asked with questions "Magic and unexpected" and tried to answer logically according to the ability to think of a child. Included with its creative ability he will think of thousands of ways to address issues related to kerewelan, indulged, learning methods, variation of activities etc.

People who have the equipment to think this is a high value, commonly referred to. However, intellect is not immediately belonged to the high-educated people. There are many intelligent people who are not highly educated. They don't go to school not because they don't want to, but there's a number of reasons that causes it, whether it's economy, culture,

However it is beneficial to have a cognitive intelligent mother. But, is it the only cognitive intelligence that it takes to be a good mother? Not as well.

There is a sensitivity, care and interpersonal skills that are also needed and unfortunately this is not learned in high school and education. There is also no title or title for people who have high sensitivity and ability skills and good interaction. Regardless of the sensitivity that allows a mother to distinguish her cries, what child desires only by seeing the expression and the gesture of the child's face. And what is more important than that is not only able to read it, but it can also be berespon against the needs of children who are not How he can swoop, hug and hold his child comfortably.

Used to be honed because of intense interaction while berespon abilities were formed due to foster patterns and education in the mother's family before.

Patience, self-control skills, always strive and not easily despair (intelligence intelligence) is also an important capital to be a good mother. Mother who has this intelligence, has always tried to face hardship. He may fall, but he will rise again to reach his destination. He will try to find the meaning of what he is going through and makes him learn to understand himself.

I'm sure there are other abilities needed to be a good mother. The good mother (intelligence), the clever mother storytelling, the clever mother tidied up the house (visual intelligence) is an exceptional intelligence and perfected a mother's kindness.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect person. There is less in person, even if there's more. Obviously, that we can't simplify the " good " and " Eligibility " a woman to be the mother only of formal education or how long the academic degree is disandangnya.

The potential to be a good mother, could have been in a simple woman who didn't graduate elementary and live in the country.

Potential to be a good mother, it could be in a woman who hasn't been given a child.

Potential to be a good mother, could have been in a woman who became a housekeeper or a baby sitter.

And of course the potential to be a good mother, could have been in a highly educated woman.

Want Proof? I have an example for everything. And I'm sure you too, if you're more careful looking around you.

* be grateful if you are a high-educated woman, so the chance to educate a better child But do not lower the women's well-educated, because it may be from their hands of extraordinary people.

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