Mother's crisis

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Being a mother doesn't fool around, but I'm afraid a lot of women don't think so. There's still a lot of women who don't feel the importance of being a real mother, which is a businessman to be a "Professional" not an       

The Case of a young mother who harmed her son to death, due to regret that the child wets the child, it should be an important lesson, if the status of 'Mother' is not just a status, but a flow of life to run      

A lot of people might be wondering, how could a mother be pissed off at her kid who wets her bed and spraying her Wasn't the wet one of the child's life cycle?       

The violence of the child, what family members do, especially real mothers, there is a tendency to increase. According to kpai records, in 2016 there are 1000 cases of violence on the child child. And we know, this is the top of the iceberg, which means the real amount can be more multiplied. From that amount, 55 percent of it was mom, and it showed a hugely alarming improvement. It shows that this country is having a mother's dream crisis.        

55 percent violent offender in the family is their biological mother There are two reasons why the violence on the child that mothers did. First, life pressure. Violence by mother on child is increasing primarily in the lower economic society. Life is increasing; the increase of electricity, the more expensive fasts, school fees, freight costs, plus abandoned husband, making a mother's mentality collapsed, so he can't control his emotions in babysitting. The slightest spark will inflame the emotion of the mother with severe depression. For the mothers and families at this level, having a child being a burden is no longer fun. In addition to daily life costs, they are also concerned with the future that there is no hope. In fact, a lot of children from this economic family grow into street children and fraternization.      

Second, not competency as mother. Not a few young women when marriage does not prepare to be a mother. And then when they are pregnant and give birth, do not make these mothers want to increase the ability and insights as an ideal mother. These two factors occur in all layers of society, both down and medium and above. We can see these mothers busy with their own world; social media, socialization, shopping, etc., separate from the lives of their children. A lot of women like this using laissez-Faire principle, aka freeing their children. Most of these kids have finally grown into an immature child in time.      

These two conditions are a common picture in the society of sekulerisme-Capitalism. From the side of the economy, the country that has a concept like this indeed releases economic affairs on individuals with the survival principle of the fittest Like in the homeland, for education and country's health more free hands. The Bpjs program is not a program funded by the government, but it's in the pocket of the people itself, and it counts as a liability to the It is as a portrait of the poor.       

In the meantime, the liberal life makes many homeless people without the concept of Islamic family. They don't prepare to be responsible and responsible for parents, especially being mothers. Not a few families following the liberalism principles in the relationship between family members, including in child care.   

Freedom of religion and fraternization became one of the rules in the present family. There is a number of Muslim families that took off their children, permissive in fraternization with the opposite sex, including letting her child late in LGBT culture.      

The Liberal family's condition is also an unstable emotion. Hubunga with a family member, especially the mother with the child becomes a lot of questions because there is no standard of affection, it can not be lawful.     

This mother's crisis cannot be allowed to continue. The ideal conditions can only be found when society lives in the shade of a human life, and it is only in Islam. Beyond that, it is hard for the family to have the nuance of a life that is socially maintained.      

Nonetheless, there is nothing that the muslimah can do to save the family, especially parenting for the child, which is;      

First, build awareness that being a mother is the trust of Allah swt. There is a great responsibility before God on the shoulders of the mother of the mother of a child. Parenting is not a social contract with children, but the trust of Allah swt.       

Secondly, studying tsaqofah islamiyyah about maternal laws such as the role of wife, pregnancy, giving birth, nursing, child parenting, etc. Thus when running a role as a wife and mother, the muslimah has the right guide and easy to run, also according to Allah's demands.        

Third, improving technical skills as a mother such as communicating, playing, giving gifts and reprimands, and provide a useful entertainment for them, including self-control when facing the behavior of child polah. In the future, this country will soon be a land in the shade of Islam. In addition to the muslimah is required to be a mother who can run the trust of Allah swt. In parenting.

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