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RemajaIslamHebat.Com - In the virtual world echoed in the terms of the militia. These terms appear to be insinuating that some of the students are some beser soggy in the world's present situation A Low-policy is not inspiring the student s' executive activists to move. On the contrary, they were more fun stop to follow realty show-Realty show on television far from the academic world. It's not like it was so hard to be in the forefront of defending the people, these young disindir-insinuating have lost idealistic. How many cotemporary issues without role and youth to mengkritisinya, except a handful of activists. They've lost sensitivitasnya on the matter of people.       

Evidence, when the mother of the mother was screaming because the power bill was shot, these boys were quiet. When the mother of the loudest defends the rohingya people, I don't know where the scholar is. When the corrupt is released from the punishment of punishment, it does not sound their reaction When the debt of the country is a burden on their shoulders, it doesn't seem a burden to lift       

Not only that, the question that is so close to their teenage world, does not pay attention. When the world of education was shaken by violent cases to murder, what was a young man in anticipation? When the world of education is dikapitalisasi, where are the voices?        

This is what concerns me. Why is the sound of a student like silence to depravity? Indeed, not all students like that. However, this condition does not miss the education of the education world that disables student s' critical power. They're afraid to pee in politics. College is only talking about academic studies. Made busy with study orientation. Students are banned from political issues. A little vowel, directly. As a result, not a few who refuse to fight. Only the Muslim youth is moved by the power of Islamic ideology who will not fear the truth. They're not tired of day and night fighting for the people. In a row with militants. Wet pants       

Now, in muslimah, the ghiroh fight for Islam looks at loud. In any of the Islamic Acts of Islam, berhijab people these berhijab can not be seen next to the eye. The Ladies, ladies and gentlemen. Until there is a person who twist sukarno's saying " give me 10 young men, I will rock the world " to " give me 10 mother, I will rock the world."        I don't know what to do. Follow in the line of men, to speak the truth. Although the scholars of dikriminalkan because of their dawah, do not create their mother's guts. Though, it would be a long way to do it if your parents were dealing with cops. But, mother wasn't afraid as long as it was said to be true.        

They become militia for facing matters in the life of a life that has been unsolved for a broken secular ideology. Drug emergency. Child violence. Sexual harassment. A Free Gaul. Pregnancy is pregnant. Emergency. A debt of debt. All the dimensions of the nation, beririsan with your mother's business. That's why mom is critical to politics. Because, the politics of their desire. They fight not to make money. Not looking for a face. More like appetite. They're not women less than work. It's not just any more educational women. In fact, they were well-educated. Continuous continuous with Islamic Sharia. Until the kokohlah of the turn. They struggled to think of the future of mankind, both the future of worldly and ukhrowi. Not fighting for individual or family. It is not an impulse, but the command of syara. Solely for the encouragement of faith. Seek to be pious. Return to the Islamic rules of the creator.     

Correct Ruler           

There's nothing to be cynical and nyinyir for what this militant mother's line is doing. I don't care if you don't care about the kids, but they're gonna take care of the kids. " wear a veil for a demo, Islam the fuck?" another snide remark. " pity yes," there are no results," others follow nyinyir. Well, they don't know, that Islam's history much scraping the names of women as the pioneer of changes. The Sahabiyah in the era of the apostles and sesudahkan in the era era of caliphate, are also leading in revealing ideas, criticized policy and giving feedback to the authorities They pissed themselves.        

In fact, the messenger of God is ever "Didemo" the muslimah. That time in Medina, the mother complained about her husband's violent behavior. From Abdullah bin Abdullah ibn abi dzubab ra. Say, " do not smite the servants of God!"       

To defend the husband, Umar ibn khathab ra. (Muhammad saw) came to the messenger (Muhammad saw) and said: " the women of the women have dared to fight against their wives. , however, it's protests.       

They surround the Prophet's house and denounce their husbands. Prophet. Said, " many of the women are circling the family of Muhammad. Complain about their husbands. Husbands like that are not the best people among you." (hr. Abu David no. 2146)        

Then in the time of Caliph Umar ibn Khattab, the woman also dared to express his political opinions. One day sayyidina umar rose to the pulpit and then said, " O people, do not give you a lot of dowry to the wife. Because of the messenger of God and his friends for 400 dirhams or below. If the dowry had come to you from God, and do not exceed them. I've never seen a man who gives the dowry over 400 dirhams."       

(Muslimah) will lodge protests when umar descends from the podium with a sign of an unjust message. Protests are welcomed good umar. It is istighfar and taking it.         

Thanks to your parents, the Caliph's policies are very properempuan. And restricts the husband of his wife for more than six months. So by the abu hafs of Zayd Ibn Aslam, when umar bin khaththab vigil the night at Medina, there is a woman on the bed: " the night is so long and it Long enough for me without being able to play. By Allah, if it were not for fear of God, it would have been bumpy. But the existence of God and shame is enough for me to defend myself. And I respect my husband so that I may not be."        

Umar asks, what happened to that woman. It was said to him, " he is the one whose husband is going to die, and then Umar (the prophet) is the one who has sent to him a mission And if he had been patient, he said, " how long have you been patient Part, it says, five or six months.       

Then Set the limits for the Muslims to go to the battlefield for six months, which is a month for his journey, four months of it, and one month left to return home.      

There are many more exemplary role in the era of Islam that does not deny their role in politics. He is the patron of the prophet. Admit, accompanying, accompanying, lahwazan, thaqif, thaqif, thaqif. He's known for analysts. Often provide advocacy in the various strategies of Islamic struggle.         Fatimah, the messenger of the messenger, in some battles involved as a doctor. Asthma Help Rasul saw hijrah, sumayyah syuhada first, etc. Not to mention the muslimah in the era of Islamic civilization. Their names are beautiful. Being an inspiration to the mother-mother militant now,         

Do not forget to learn the militant of the last Muslim warriors from all over the world. In Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Myanmar, etc. They are militant lifers who are very physical and mental. Being a role model to prepare children of future generations far more militants than his mother. (*) 

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