Messenger and political movement

Al-Abdillah (Muhammad saw), when he was appointed a prophet. In good shape, his noble and famous duty made him easily known among the Arabs at the time. Even because of his great honesty, his people call him " Al-Amin it means very trustworthy.

However, the glory of the prophet and the prophet of Muhammad was lost. Is it because after that? Or is he a liar, a liar? Of course not. Not even the glory of Muhammad saw. After being a prophet and the messenger of God. Alone.

Then why did the Arab Arabs so hate her? Why is the Arab dashboard, even his uncle like abu lahab who used to love him so much, turned his enemy in hard? Is it purely because he brought a new religion? Not really. At the beginning of the Prophet Muhammad saw. Hug Islam at once mendakwahkannya, Arabs don't care so much. When he passed through their assembly, they also just commented, " this is the son of Abdul Muthalib who delivered something from the sky." their attitude continues to last for some time. (an-Nabhani, 1994).

So that they may be unaware. Not simply 'religious movements, but it has turned into a political movement that is expected to threaten not only beliefs, traditions and their local' culture, but will even displacing social positions and their political power. That is the very idea of which the elders of the Arab people are in the same way.

Therefore, the political movement of the prophet saw. There is no God but he, and let the people of Allah go astray.

However, a variety of physical and violent violence does not dampen the political movement of the prophet. And his best friends. Even the guidance of God and the help of God. And his flock is more unstoppable. This political movement has finally managed to deliver his prophet Muhammad saw. To Gain Power when he managed to become the head of the state in Medina Al-Munawwarah. He was able to be successful, when he waged jihad against the people of the world. In the end, a political movement that enables the power of Islam, that is only in the city of Medina, extends to Mecca and the whole Arabian Peninsula With the but, the power of Islam then continued to spread throughout the eastern regions during the time of leadership after he (Caliphate time); even penetrate into the heart of Africa, Central Asia to Europe in the days of Islam. No less than 2/3 world territories were in the power of Islamic kekhilafahan for centuries. In the meantime, the unbelievers do not dare to harass Muslims, as it is now.


Dear, post removal the last of Islam in turkey by England through his accomplices mustafa kemal on March 3, 1924, Islamic political movement is fading. In his own country, even the greatest Islamic organization like nu is just a social movement. Since the very beginning, the birth of nu 1926 is dibidani by the kh of the ash, Ari and kh wahab Malcolm is due to a political motive, which is to respond to the collapse of Islamic Caliphate in Turkey (see: 353. Publishers: Ichtiar new van hoeve).

Nevertheless, various Islamic political movements, especially to re-Resurrect Islam, surely never extinct, even now it continues to grow. In fact, this is what the enemies of Islam are worried about. The further Islam as this political movement is the most feared by the west, especially the United States. Therefore, a variety of efforts from the ' Smooth ' (such as the war of thought, black propaganda, the financial help of education with the compensation for the madrassa curriculum and pesantren to be more moderate) until the ' rude ' (such as war against terrorism, physically) Continues by the U.S. and its allies. All it is done is nothing else to menggembosi Islam as a political movement.

Therefore, it would be unfortunate if there was a Muslim figure who had just been carried out by western propaganda and the United States of Islamic political movement. Thus, in addition to only the benefit of the enemies of Islam, will also weaken the position of Islam and Muslims as the only potential power in the world that can destroy the dominance of capitalism at this time. Kapitalismelah, with the U.S. as a headliner, the truth has proved a lot of damage and other crises everywhere, including in this country. Because of that, the capitalism is in the way of the transnational ideology which should be more appropriate to be questioned and ether from the surface of the earth, not Islam as an ideology must keep fighting to be grounded. Because, Islam is none other than Islam that governs all aspects of life (economy, social, political, culture, education etc) with the Sharia of Islam. Only Islam is like this-not islam that is just tinkering with the aspects of rituals, spiritual and moral morals that can be a mercy for the world.

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