Make our son a Real Man

Everywhere we can find a boy who only has half a man's soul. It's marked with poor independence, depending on the old man, aloof in the environment, and lives impulsively.
When they mature / puberty, they must all be self-responsibility in front of the Almighty, but the old man can't forget that what happens to their private at the age of puberty is a result of a long-lasting relationship with parents.

Kids like plants just grow up. Your Rod and thy staff. But when they were grown up, it was formed. Imposing an understanding can break their souls. It's not easy to reset a young man's character, in general he has been acknowledge.

That is why the messenger of God. Reminds us of urgennya tarbiyatul awlaad or ta ' dibul awlad.
Do your kids...
Teach your son...
How do we do that?

* first *
I have to act in child education. Ibn Qayyim mention in his book tuhfatul waft that if there is a troubled child then the first to blame is his father. * remember * not his mother, but dad.

There is a strong reason why you have to be involved in a child's education other than there is an obligation on

Father is the qowwam holder, leadership. Of the scholars of the,, and the,, the other.
Ruler. Father's presence in child education will form a man's character on our sons. The way a father loves a boy, is different from the way mom.

Father loves a boy with a man's habits. When a boy is sick for falling for example, a father will hug him but ask him to soon move on, rise and give him the spirit to withstand even forget the pain

While a mother used to hug her long, rubbed hair, kissed and kept letting her cry. Because for a mother and woman in general, crying it is a way to release the feeling to calm down. While a man will fight against pain and sorrow to soothe his feelings.

This is why I compare a woman like a glass, and ask the men to be gentle with them.
And, done, you have a market in the bottles.
Slow down yes, you read the glass bottles

* second *
Don't give accessories, games and everything related to the girl's world.

In A Hadith mentioned:
The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) cursed the man in the garment of the woman, and the woman dressed in the
That the messenger of God. Have cursed men who wear women's clothing, and women who wear men's clothing (hr. Ahmad).

Several times in life I met a number of men who look and feminine traits. Weep. It is against the but and against the law.

In the presence of a man's soul is a foster pattern since childhood the between men and women. The old man let a boy's daughter a girl, too.

* third *
Separate from the boy s' beds and both his parents when they're in ten years.

Your children went through a prayer and they were seven years old, and they beat them, and they were, and they were in bed.
Show your children when they are seven years old, and beat them when their age is ten years, and distinguish the bed between them. Abu David).

Separation of the bed has faidah child's care of sexual stimulation also training independence and sleeping bravery apart from parents and siblings. Parents don't hesitate to banish the girls and boys who have reached that age if they still want to sleep with their parents or their siblings.

Train to do the duty of the men.
In an early age began to command and teach the bow of worship. Mothers - too father - must be able to wake the child in the morning dark and bring the little boy to prayer at dawn to the mosque. And when he plays day or afternoon, call them to perform prayer worshippers.
Today is a lot of old people who do not want to give up, or leave their children in prayer. Begin their from the soul of half of their manhood.

The Mother of Ahmad Ibn Hanbal every day, by Dawn preparing a warm water for his children who are still children, for showers and berwudlu in the middle of cold weather. So they both went to prayer at Dawn. Ma Sha Allah! Worthy when his son grows up to be a man, standing in front of the tyranny of the ruler that is affected by your religion.

When a boy becomes an adult, then instill an obligation to earn a living.
Throughout the history of the prophet and the messenger are all workers since youth. Commonly grazing goats and also trades.

Imprinting is not about how much money they've earned, but to fulfill duty seeking work for men.

Instill responsibility in every child, more boy. Every child has to be responsible for his room, his goods, toys, books, but boys must be asked for more commitment. They are the candidate qowwam in the family and leadership in society.

So early, let them begin to take care of themselves. Get dressed, pick up and clean up school supplies, and responsibility if there's anything missing or dropped. Of course at his age.

So that there is no more middle-school boy's story still feeding on his mother. No more 15-Year-olds can't wash clothes,, store and use money, and have no shame still asking someone else to take care of his needs, even if it's their home maid.

Straighten them out. Children who grow without kedisplinan from parents will grow as a spoiled child, have no power, hang on to others, but also self-centered and willing to win alone.
While the children are doing wrong, then it needs to be done.

Of course it's tailored to age, mistakes rate, and gender of child. For those who have already seen, they have no right to do such a thing as not prayer, a joke at the time of science, when the prayer, beating his brother, is lazy for parents, etc. In Essence, parents do not neglect to discipline the child. Letting and spoil their mistakes will affect the loss of half the men of our boys.

Because the man has a good son who gives a shit.
" someone who educating his son is better than he sadaqah with one sha ' (H.R. Tirmidhi)

Recite the heroic tales of the Islamic Heroes. MU ' Ab ibn ' Umair, sa ' Ad Ibn Abi Waqqash, Khalid Bin Walid, and so many thousand men of Islamic Heroes. These people are really never running out of real men's figures. Introduce our boys to them.

Included in country heroes like diponegoro, Sultan Hasanuddin, Imam Bonjol, etc. In order to be embedded by the heroic and true keteladanan.
Keep them from imaginary and fictional characters, let alone destroy the personality of the nation.

Perhaps Allah will show our sons to the path of dawah. Be the pillars of the glories of the nation. Amen.

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