Love Prison

Learn from the most handsome men on the face of the earth. If good looks is the earth, then the half of it has its own. Nabiyullah Yusuf Alaihis greetings. His story was written with miracles in the Qur ' an. Collected in a single letter.

Long ago, because Joseph did not want to obey the wife of the Lord of Egypt, then Joseph had to taste the prison. For years.

But he was noble. Because the prison testified for his glory. And he went into it not because of a mistake. What's wrong with the lock.

Want to know what the glory of Yusuf did in prison? Here's his story and here's the best in love.

He entertains the sick, and he cries for the wounded, the prayer of the night, crying to the wall, the roof and the door to cry, the prison is to be sacred, and the inmates of prison feel comfortable with him, if there is a man who has He will return to sit in prison with Yusuf. The Warden loved him until he gave him vastness.

He said, " O Joseph, I love you with something I have never had before.

He replied, " I seek refuge in God from your love.

The man asks wonder: why is that?

He said, " I am beloved of my father, and my brothers do evil. My lady loves me, then I go to jail as you can see. (Muhammad), see, the Holy Prophet.

Truly Noble soul. He was before he went to jail. And keep your majesty locked up in prison.

We want to learn from his lover with his lover that admired him for science and kesholehannya. Love is so amazing. Even his heart has never been jilted by his love for Joseph.

I seek refuge with God from your love.....

Yusuf (Joseph) said to him, " this is the truth

Then he explained. For all we learn. To Whoever this love we send. From whatever love we get.

Joseph was deeply loved by his father, and it made jealous of Joseph's brothers. And he must be devastated because of the love of the father. Who sent him into the dungeon and made him a slave.

Then Yusuf who grew up in the palace in custody of the king's family. His beauty is a slander that rocked the master's wife's room. Love grows because of it. The woman seduced Joseph in his love. Joseph made it out of the cobwebs of women. And that love sent him to rot in prison for many years.

Yes, because of the love we accept or what we send cannot be a prison. Because the prison limits our moving space.

Parent s' love can't make the kids fly low as low as her parents. They have great superiority over us. That must be certain. Let them fly high, leave us.

Not in the name of the love of their science being a dwarf. They were directed to an unknown science. Their Islamic science is as ragged as his parents. They do not have the Qur 'an, for the remembrance of the Qur' an. They were chock-full of science, but none of them made him an expert.

Not in the name of their health love is disturbed. Their lives can't remove slippers anywhere, unlawful to touch the land for dirty and bercacing, can not feel the blessing of rain because it is considered rain.

Not in the name of the end. We regret it because they don't come to the They're always considered small when they've reached puberty. Anything is legalized with word: Small. But once again, it's puberty. A strange dress in childhood. Again, I'm speechless. An unguarded prayer. An untrained fast.

It's the love of parents who imprison her children.

A person's love for a man, can't imprison him. So the noble tasks before marriage is stopped by marriage. It's very strange, because in Islam the marriage is complete half religion. It's supposed to be, marriage makes our life more productive. Not the other way around.

Not in the name of love, he can no longer claim science. Busy with solid household routines.

Not in the name of love, he is exhausted so no longer seproduktif. Busy with jealousy. Tired of fighting. Tired with a pile of problems.

Not in the name of love, his feet are bound so he cannot escape. When he was after him. A lot has to be done. Not a few steps back.

(do not misunderstand these words, because it is true that a woman has a home that gives her glory and not out there)

But love can't lock up. Limiting the motion room. With love is supposed to be turbulent, passionate and more successful.

Love once told us that he once made two prisons for a noble man. Prison Wells and cell bars.

Not this love we want...

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