Andalusia, in a long period of time of the trendsetter city in Europe. Be a qibla of Europeans in many ways; education, fashion, lifestyle, culture, architecture, table manner, etc.

When European people still struggle with kedekilan and 'Kedesoan', the Muslims in Andalusia have reached the height of the lifestyle of the lifestyle (Highclass lifestyle), then no wonder they become qibla in a lot of things, one of them about fashion.

Is Abu Qosim Al-Zahrawi, or known in the west by the name of abulcasis. A Maestro, great scientist, chemist, medical and the father of the world surgeon. Once wrote a book in 30 volumes called Al-Tasreef [ạlt̃ṣryf], in volumes to 19 discuss specifically about cosmetics and body care.

Many discoveries that are written in the book, like; Deodorant, hair removal, Hand Lotion, black hair dye, hair treatment, perfume etc.

With Berlandasan Hadist-Hadist the prophet is much advocate of the care and keeping this beauty, Al-Zahrawi gathering various drugs and cosmetics, and of course in the limitation of rites.

Then, if there are so many of the Muslims people who are blind and face west of lifestyle, hair style, beauty, skin care. (Muhammad), then know that the Muslims have become a trendsetter. So, proud be to moeslim!

Bath Culture and Europe [Part II]
-- Andalusia period.
Talking about baths and Europeans in the middle ages like talking about salt in our country. Shit!

. Why? Because the Europeans are far retarded behind civilization. Before Islam arrived on the blue continent and inspired it to be a 'man' completely, the European people lived in a way of caring. Living in the darkness, cooped up in a variety of myths that thrive in society, and do not have a good life style. One of the bath culture.

Semalas lazy baths of Indonesia, at least bathe in 2 days once. How do I know? I once met a human model like this. But, European people used to take a shower. In fact, it's said that European Lords only bathe 2 x throughout his life. First; when they're baptized, second, when they're getting married.

But look at andaluisa, when Europe is still retarded and does not know the clean culture with a bath, in Andalusia according to Muhammad Al-Husaini Rakha there has been 900 of the general bathrooms that were used by the Muslims People are so diligent, hard bath. ^_^

Islam through the commands in the Qur ' an and the Sunnah conduct of the prophet successfully mentranformasikan a bath culture worldwide today. Because in Islam cleanliness is part of faith. In Islam, after impurity, after menstruation, on Friday, when ' Idain, will be ihrom, want to enter Makkah, and even the body is bathed in Islam. So, do you still want a bath?
Fadjar Jaganegara, memory nurse.
Translated randomly from:
Muslim Contribution to Cosmetics; Muslim Heritage

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