Life System Magnets

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Who doesn't recognize a magnetic word? Magnets are a thing capable of pulling things around. Every magnet has its nature nature. Magnetism is the ability to attract other things around him.        

Before speaking in big scope, then I will share experience and observation. Surely not only one person has ever experienced where there is a top-class classification mechanism at school. Students who have a good report card will be ranked or diranking and be placed in certain classes.         

Right a class that contains the children of good children based on the report card value. What do kids do in it? Barely escaped from books, lessons, homework, formulas, questions, though there's always been an activity in common teens. Patterns that are formed in the class indicate there is the nature of "magnetism". yes, this magnetism nature makes the students in it to participate in the academic competition patterns in the All strive to show good performance. The Word " lazy " and " later " in terms of duty as if you do not get into the dictionary of life. If anyone is lazy, it will be interested in being diligent, with immediate process or indirectly.         Then, about a life system. A life system that governs all aspects of politics, economy, social to sanctions is essentially a magnet. The Nature of this system will attract humans in it. In General is getting close to the magnet, the magnetic field is closer, so the magnetic force is getting bigger. So is the opposite. So the human being in the system, the closer people with the system itself, then the potential to be drawn by the system is getting bigger.        A secular life system has a nature nature. Anyone who is very close to understanding understands secular is so easy to be pulled by secular to be his "guided". Not wrong if sekulerisme is very crystallize in the rulers of the lords, the liberals and others because they are always in the secularism field in his daily life.        

Someone who wants to obey his lord in this secular life system is difficult. Keeping obedience in the midst of the great conditions for iniquity is a great challenge. Could be someone who has the hijrah of life to life, but it will be difficult to obey a total of the law. Yes, a secular life system does not give human space to be tied up with the rules of its creator, but quite partial to the ritual. No wonder, seeing obedience is always finding inconsistencies.        

Good or bad life systems keep giving birth to magnetism. The Sahih life is based on the rule of Allah has proven its righteousness. When the lives of the people in Medina are bound with thoughts, feelings and rules of Islam. The atmosphere is always woken up. This system draws people in it on total and perfect obedience to Allah swt. To realize human noble mission is to worship its creator. Call-to-law in order to be executed.       

One of the Islamic life systems is capable of attracting people - the non Muslim people to enter Islam. They are in Islam, not because of coercion, but it is true. If anyone says that Islam is tightly with compel to enter Islam, then it is nothing but only part of the banality of science.       

Don't we yearn to feel the life of the Islamic life system? Obedience to every human being, without coercion but due to consciousness.

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