Know Islam

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - How long have we embraced Islam? As soon as I'm driving a study in the teen Communications Forum (Fkrm) Wonosobo. The entire study from the Muslim family. So their age showed them as long as they embraced Islam. There is 17 years, there are 14 years, 18 years, 21 years, etc. Maybe we're wondering if you don't know what to do with Islam? Haven't we had islam since childhood?       

In a group of years ago, when he was sitting in college, he said, " we have no faith. In other occasions, there was a student throwing his idea that Islam with a set of legal rules in the hereafter, while in this world was handed to a human deal. -        

Is such a definition of Islam? Flick me in front of the teenagers. Looks like they shook his head. Then what exactly? A Possible definition as possible for Jami ' an and a mani. Jami ' an meant to explain anything from the defined, while mani's limit things that are beyond defined.      

(Allah) is the apostle of Allah who has been sent down to their Lord.      

As a consequence of our faith. And the implementation of Islam in Islam will bring mercy to the universe, a blessing. Instead of Islam Islamic Sharia will lead to facade (damage).[]

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