Kids don't Mean Stupid Kids

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - A couple of times I met with the high-school school at a super-bad school, sick and often missed it when he was in the shape of a super creative man with incredible work. Famous not only in Indonesia but also abroad.         

Maybe it was when the school made my friend's potential not terwadahi well. My friend is being lazy to sit idly and don't want to be in class. Chose to skip out of style. Finally my friend is allergic to school, stress because everything is just judged by numbers. But a creativity doesn't matter about numbers. Needs imagination and high-level visualiasi.        

Only people who are dominant of spatial intelligence, visual and kinestetik are usually capable of a creative masterpiece. But the schools and parents often only demand mathematical intelligence and lingusitik to be the. Already know there are 9 types of intelligence on every man, why still demand for 2 intelligence that is developed in absolute school.      

A Pablo Picasso that painter could not be a Albert Einstein who was a physicist. Sejeniusnya Einstein if he was told to paint the result would not be perfect for Picasso painting. So also when Picasso was asked to calculate the formula of physics, until the vomiting of blood also he would not be greater than albert eisntein working on physics          

Swimming fish don't be judged from how he can fly. As well as a bird with wings don't be told to learn to crawl. Know the talents and the potential of each child. Pick a school that can stimulate 9 Keceradasan of your child.

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