Keeping Gharizah in the Virtual World

by : Kholda Naajiyah

A social media phenomenon has never been spoken of. Moreover in muslimah, her post is diverse. From The Kitchen, the well to the bed. From Children, husbands, in-laws, parents to neighbors.

Indeed, no one has the right to manage the contents of each account. As long as the thing posted doesn't violate the law of syara ', please.

But, sometimes aware or not, the netizens expose the sides of the gharizah which are supposed to be guarded. The question is, is it true that it doesn't violate the law of syara Here are signs to be musings:

1. Does not expose gharizah baqo

Today, the ownership of the ownership will be a natural thing among netizens. Social media figures, most are portraits of the have, glamour, glamour, and trend trends.

It's like an artist who likes to show up branded supermewah, but it comes to a tax officer, instantly claiming poor. There is also a pile of billions of photos, uh, apparently nyomot from Google. Aware or not, a post like it is "how" the style lifestyle followed by many followernya.

Well, today, today, today, there is not a few people known as millionaires or billionaires, due to their postingannya post-posting of the success of success. May not be directly (and not intended) " show off his wealth or wealth, but it can be inferred from the status of his status.

On the contrary, the Muslim family does not have to expose poverty. Impressed with all the lack of livelihood. Many people, we don't have much to do. Sure is different about facts and policies. When we "complain" salt has changed the price, not because it can't afford to buy salt, but it's criticism of the takers.

2. Does not expose gharizah tadayun

There is an innuendo that says: I want to pray to the social media. Yup, that's right. Rites of worship, it must be a secret between a servant of Allah. There's no need to expose the social media.

Though, sometimes how to expose it is not vulgar, as it inspires or motivate others. Like, " congratulations on the vigil." as if you wanted to tell the world that he had done a piece of

Indeed, usually for a very rare worship of the moment, will encourage us to expose because it's so happy. Besides, it may be part of the sacraments of Islam. Such as Eid Al-Adha, Umrah, Umrah or Hajj. Please consider the cooking and motivation. Also, how to post to not impress Riya.


Muslim family understands, GHARIZAH NAU ' (instincts preserve kind, making love), the place is in the private room. Can't be good through words from mouth to mouth, or exposed on social media.

Like posting a drunken feeling of love to couples, describes fondness between husbands, posting photos or videos of husband-to-wife romance. What is the difference with the capitalist secular lifestyle, who likes to talk private things to the public room? Just dressed differently?

4. Doesn't expose "nakedness" household

The Muslim family has to cover each other's nakedness, not to dishonor each other. Husbands are clothing for wives, and otherwise. Also not brazen his children. Like to tell the evil of his husband, wife or children. If you want to find a solution, just tell the right side, both online and offline, but not for public consumption.

So, private things can't be tossed into public spaces. It's better to keep him from falling in violation of syara. Because Islam commands his people to have shame, keep the cock and keep a good name. (Kholda)

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