Islamic Technology

By Dr. Fahmi Amhar

What is the face of technology when islam becomes a source of inspiration? There's actually three kinds of technology.

First is the technology that is inevitability ("Jibilliyah") that the growing human civilization will create technology to fulfill its needs. For example is the technology to make it easy for people to get water, food, energy, clothing, shelter, keep it healthy, take it from one place to another, communicate, and defend from any threat. The first kind of technology is not typical, because it can appear in any civilization. But Islam adds with example for food is food that page thayyiban, for clothing is that cover your nakedness, for the defense tools that can frighten the enemies of God, etc.
The second is the technology associated with the worship, such as the technology associated with Islam, although other religions can also bring up the technology related to their worship, some sort of manufacture of statues, offerings or amulets.

The third is the technology because of transcendental inspiration, which is very specific called in the Koran. It is as if they were a drink in paradise. (Muhammad), if you are able to travel through the heavens and the earth, then you will pass through them. You will not pass through it except with strength. Tqs 55:33).

In this writing we will focus on the second kind of technology. Can not be able to be able to do that which is in the state of Islam, but the law of Allah is enjoined. .

Prayers can be done in a potluck. But Friday prayer for a Muslim village clearly requires a special place, that is a mosque. This mosque needs direction direction, then the technology determines the direction (Navigation). This mosque needs to be cleansed of the unclean, then there is a cleansing technology. In the prayer of my people, there is no doubt in my prayer. In order to call Friday's prayer there is a prayer that needs p.a., then the sound of the sound system So for a enjoined, a set of enjoined enjoined is the development of various technology.

Ramadan's fasting can be done casually. But for the Ramadan Ramadhan, it could appear various technologies. In order to get accurate information when to start the fasting month, also at dawn and Maghrib, there is a technological telescope rukyat with a CCD camera to support rukyatul Results must immediately be delivered as soon as possible to authority authorities bring up communication technology. The Rhythm of the month of Ramadan that needs to be more balanced bringing up activity management technology.

Next is the zakat. Care to calculate the charity with the correct amount of calculation, up to the charity of the religious accounting which can be set by Farmworker-Zakat-Zakat-Zakat-Zakat-Zakat, Zakat and distribution. . Imagine, at the time of Umar ibn Khattab, the zakat gathered from a small area in Bahrain has fulfilled the courtyard of medicine mosque. It's not the zakat from the rich area in Iraq or Egypt.

Then Hadji. Hajj is the top bets of various Islamic technology. But the most dominant is transportation. The most large hajj candidates to one point in Mecca and its surrounding should be anticipated by the availability of sufficient equipment and transportation infrastructure. Once in the beginning of the train era, Islamic Turks until building the hejaz railway network that stretched from Istanbul through Jerusalem to Medina and Makkah. Besides transportation is also how to take care of the logistics (food, sacrifice), the laundry, keep the air in a secure location, to waste waste and trash from millions of people

The Nature of the Islamic world but the kosmopolit also made various technologies the chance to grow very rapidly. Even for food, there is an exchange of culinary recipe from all over the Islamic world, which in the past occurs when they meet in the hajj worship, and then berakulturasi with local wisdom from the original area.[]

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