Islamic Sharia: Consequences of faith

The Word of faith in the Qur ' an is near. These two words are mentioned in kitabullah. He who had pledged his faith to Allah and his messenger, he said, " O my people!

Dear, now there are many Muslims who claim to believe Allah swt, but ignore obedience to his sharia. Although the true faith demands its entire sharia. This is what the prophet saw. Then, when it is said to the people of the house, they change their direction. Then they will divorce their wives and divorce their wives. Umar Ibn Al-khaththab ra. Even divorced the two wives who are still in the him. It is Allah who refuses to believe. And Your Lord does not believe until he ḥkmwk in the trees between them, and then they do not find themselves embarrassed of what I have done and thanks

By Your Lord, they do not believe until they make you the judge of what they differ about, then they will not be able to object in their hearts. ]: 65). Allah is the messenger of God. Of those who claim faith, while they are turning away from him.

Have you not seen those who claim to believe in what has been sent down to you and what has come down before you, they want to be sent to the leviathan and they are ordered to make amends and the devil wants to Have you not regarded those who claim to have faith in what has been revealed to you and what has been sent down before you before you? They desire to be judged by the truth, while they have been commanded to reject them. Shaitan (Satan) wishes to lead them to a far-off misdirection.

Ibn Al-Jawziyya (Muhammad saw) said, " God is all-knowing and all-merciful. They are the laws of God.

Total obedience

The true faith will be paid to you in full. O believers, enter all the peace and do not follow the footsteps of the devil. O ye who believe! Enter ye in Islam, and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Satan is your sworn enemy. Allah is the witness of that which is in the heavens and the earth. DST. All he received with full submission. His devotion to God swt makes himself believe in Islam's Islamic Sharia, not half-and-half.

He believes and accepts the existence of caliphate as an obligation to the people because it is impossible to run the entire Islamic Sharia without an institution of This is the belief that encourages the best friends to set up caliphate. They lift the ashes of Abu Siddiq as a Caliph. In Managing Society and state affairs after he died. They are so prioritize the Caliph's appointment. Your Majesty. Thus not because of the encouragement of the lust and the ambition of power, except for the impulse of faith to maintain Islamic Sharia and management of the The law is mandatory; same as jihad, Zakat, qishâsh, protection to ahludz from, etc. There is not one of the scholars of the law who does not declare the duties of enforcement caliphate as stated by the Imam of al-Nawawi in sharh sahih Muslim (VI / 291), " the scholars had unanimously agreed that the Muslims were Obligation is based on Sharia, not based on any sense."

Because it is the irony of claiming to be the heir of the Sunnah, if there is an attitude to disperse by the opinion of the great priests, by And the people of the Muslims, in order to keep their faith in Allah and his messenger. This is a great sin. He said:

Those who prefer the life of the world to the hereafter and turn away from the path of God and make it crooked. Those who prefer the life of this world to the hereafter, and hinder (men) from the path of Allah and seek to make it crooked. They were in extreme error. Just please be pleased with Allah swt They will not take account of the hatred of any human being in his way. A Muslim only takes account for pleasure or wrath of God. He will keep the command of Allah, though many people hate what he does. He does not want to do so. Muslims will be pleased with them. On the day of judgment, the Muslims will be in pursuit of his wrath. Who asked for God's satisfaction but the line of people, God bless him and satisfy the people about him and who seek the satisfaction of the people, but god bless him and the people Anyone who seeks the pleasure of God, even if he invites human anger, God approves him and makes people well-pleased with him Anyone who seeks to be pleased with man but invites the wrath of God so God is wroth with him and makes the man angry with him. Because it is a human being who tries to prevent the Islamic Sharia of Islamic Sharia. That is the truth. But obedience is only in order.

Not obeying a sin, but obedience in favor.

There is no obedience in the deeds. It is only for what is right. The importance of patience Under Duress, intimidation, slander even persecution must be faced by every Muslim with full patience. The people of Allah. These trials are also experienced by the prophets and apostles.

And they lied to you about what they lied about and what they gave us. Messengers were denied before you. But they have exercised patience and persecution until the help of God has come to them.

Patience is not to be silent, but it continues to show obedience to Allah. Saad ibn abi waqqash ra. Strong in his faith even his beloved mother threatens to fast to death. Martyrs Sumayyah and yasir ra. So that they may be sacrificed. (Muhammad) said, " O people of the book! Nevertheless, the ban does not preclude a number of friends, like Abdullah ibn ma ' ud ra. And Abu Bakr al-siddiq ra. To recite the Qur 'an in front of the ka' bah even after that they experienced persecution even torture.

Ergo, let us remain steadfast and steadfast in the total obedience to Allah swt. And do not be unjust. This is the way of Allah. Wisdom: Or do you feel that you will enter paradise, and when you are like those who have passed before you, they have touched them, and they are shaken until the prophet and those who believe in him will say, when God is Do you think that you will enter paradise when you have not come to you as those before you? They will be afflicted with affliction, and to be shaken until the messenger and those who believe with him, " when is the help of Allah?" ]: 214)

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