Intelligent Work Wives

By: iwan januar

In a day on which the messenger saw. There's still a man who likes to humiliate his wife. Looking at the wife's only appendages even more than a lackey. There's also a husband who looks at his wife for sex.

People who still think like that try changing positions. One month you run a wife's duties in the household. I assure you there's not much maybe there's no one who can run a job as such a perfect housewife. Starting from morning merajang water, setting up breakfast, sometimes polishing husband shoes to work, bath children and help their preparations to school and seabreg activities at home until noon. Do not ask from the evening until the night is near no stop.

Well, it's a physical work, but do you know the husbands that a lot of household chores are working with their brain work? Whether we're aware or not the wives are financial managers and financial decisions in the household. They set up their spending posts, doing a number of sell-and-sell deal in order to be purchased for an economic price, it's not uncommon that they also make financial planning for the future.

No wonder if a survey released by the thedailymail site [1] mention that the women who concentrate at home declare their work at home "closer than a family CEO than a housewife".

A poll conducted by 2000 Housewives in England mentioned 93 percent of the wife stating that they made a financial decision in the family. Only 36 percent says that their partner is the one who controls the finance despite the fact that the istrilah are responsible for payments, keeping the balance of income and income and controlling the household spending to remain a priority.

Meanwhile 9 out of 10 women said they decided to purchase home furniture, 92 percent of women also control the purchase of various vital needs such as tv and computers, 85 percent women say they are the decision-making goals for family .

Then be thankful and be grateful to our wives. They are hard workers and intelligent beings. Important points to be appreciated and greatful they run all the tasks with no strings attached. For their husbands and their families. Of course. Is there any such thing as a woman in the earth?

It is worthy that Allah swt. To warn the husbands to be friendly with them, and do not seek to be blamed on them. Prophet. Also reminding the husbands to take ahsan on them, because they deserve to get it!

" best you are the most meek to his wife!" (hr. Muttafaq ' Alayh.

Therefore, the scholar of the Lord of al-Dzurriyat-Nabhani calls the role of the wife as ummun. A great role run by women.

Now look at your wife who has been chaperoned and underwent a long and exhausting life route. His fingers gently then tell me how grateful you are to be his companion. Say Thank you and the prayers of kindness to him. May Allah glorify our wives and those who have been sincere 'work' in their families with blessings and blessings in the hereafter.

* this writing is dedicated to my wife who has been accompanied and much helped my life since 14 years ago, may allah bless your life always!

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