Inspiring story: General Khalid bin walid who has never lost in battle

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - A Warlord who was fired because he never made a mistake.        

In the reign of the caliph syaidina umar bin khatab, there was a warlord who respected the opponent and loved friends. A Warlord who has never lost his entire career leading an army on the battlefield. Well at the time he still became the warlord, nor after he entered Islam and became the warlord of the Muslims. He is * General Khalid Bin Walid *.     

Names are fragrant everywhere. Everybody praised him and praised him. Where he goes is always welcome with the screams, " the life of Khalid, the life of the general, the life of the warlord, the life of God .. He received a direct title from the messenger of God who called it the God's sword.        

In a war he once defeated the army of byzantium with the number of 240.000. Men, when the Muslims LED them there was only 46.000 people. With kejeliannya strategy, that battle will win it easily. Enemy troops running real quick.      That is * Khalid bin walid *, he didn't even flinch against a much more opponent.       

There is an interesting story of Khalid Bin Walid. He was very perfect in his field, a war expert, proficient with weapons, standard in horse, and charismatic in the midst of his soldiers. He is also not arrogant and airy, even though he is at the top of popularity.        

Once upon a time, while he was on the front line, leading the war, suddenly came a messenger from amirul believers, syaidina umar bin khatab, who delivered a letter. In the letter written a short message,

" hereby i declare general khalid bin Walid, fired as the warlord. Coming soon!" Received the word of course the general was so upset that he couldn't sleep. He was constantly thinking about his reasons. What have I done? Thought that was what was raging in his mind that time.       

As a good soldier, obedient to his superiors, beliaupun will be ready to face the Caliph Umar bin khatab. Before departing he surrendered the command of the war to his successor. Once in front of Umar he says hello, " Assalamualaikum yes amirul believers! Go ahead! I received a letter of dismissal. Am I fired?"

" Warahmatullah! Right, khalid!" answer the Caliph.

" if the issue is fired it's your right as a leader. But, if i may know, my mistake is what?"

" you don't have a mistake."

" if there's no mistake why I got fired? I am not capable of being a warlord?"

" in this age you are the best commander."

" then why do I get fired?" ask general khalid who can't withstand his sense of pain.        

With the quiet Caliph Umar bin khatab said, " Khalid, you are the greatest general, the greatest warlord.     

Hundreds of wars have led you, and never once loses. Every day the people and soldiers always flatter you. I've never heard anybody say anything bad. But, remember khalid, you are also an ordinary man. Too many people praise is not likely to be overbearing in your heart. But God hates those who have pride       

" the weight of dust in the heart will be hell Therefore, forgive me, my brother, to take care of you at this point. So that you may know, before Allah, in front of Omar, you can not do anything!"       

Heard the answer, General Khalid was stunned, vibrating, and wavered. And with all the power he has directly embraced the Caliph Umar. While crying her whispering, " thank you, Caliph. You're my brother!"        Imagine.... thank you for being fired, but he didn't do anything wrong. Is an important official now that is capable of something like that? A lot of things have done a fight, maintains a dying post, looking for support, looking for friends, looking for justification, or looking for someone else's mistake so that it      

Mention is fired from a very prestigious position, 'failure' or keterhambatan in a career trip is often not acceptable in the free. Finally all to blame, the system is to blame, others to blame, all charges..... even until the most extreme.... God is being sued.. Back to Khalid Bin Walid, great again, after he fired him back to the battlefield. But, no longer as the warlord. He fought as an ordinary soldier, as a vassal, LED by his former subordinates yesterday.         

Some of the soldiers are astonished at the former warlord of those brave warlords still want to take part in the war. They've been fired. Then, some of them asked, " yes, general, why do you still want to fight? When you've been fired."       

In Silence Khalid bin walid said, " I fight not because of the title, popularity, not also because of the Caliph Umar. I fight for seeking God's pleasure."


A very beautiful story from a general, a warlord, ' ' the sword of God is unsheathed

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