Inner fight (context of ego state, innerchild, and function in troubleshooting)

by : Yeti Widiati
" you can't do that, it's a sin...!"
" but I can't, when I can only be mocked and they in front of people..."
" yes, but you're wrong, too. You pissed him off..."
I'm sorry.
I'm dizzy... I don't want to hear these words... I want to lay down..."
" uh, but if you're lying, the problem isn't finished...

Can we believe that the "dialogue" above is done by ourselves? In our own head? Those who realize, soak and even experience this, can certainly feel it soon.

Surely every day we do this kind of conversation in our minds. When we were sad, when we were angry, scared, and even when we were solving problems and wanted to make a decision. It's like we're in a quiet meeting and everyone wants to hear his opinion.

In the language of the ego State Theory, every "voice" represents a state. Each state has a birth time, usually associated with a certain event. To make it easier for me to name the state name. For example, the state was angry when we first felt angry.

Usually the first experience happens in our childhood. When our toys captured our brothers, then we began to fight, then there was a state of anger and state. On Another occasion, we're pissed at our mother who told us to learn when we still want to play. Then also formed the state upset the first time. When we were (as a child) to see a cold cat because of some water, then we dry it with a towel and cover it with a blanket, then the state of pity and state.

So we have a lot of state formed from the experience of our lives. There's a hidden state, because it's rarely used. But there is also an event that appears to be continually triggered by stimulus in its environment.

The Ego State of the state is in neutral, something is disturbing but there is also one who supports ourselves. Everything depends on how dominant the state is in control of us.

Problem occurs when someone brings up the wrong state in a situation. For example, when a mother saw her son dropped her precious vase. State that appears to be the mother of the mother when a kid saw his toy corrupted his friend. Long ago when the mother was a kid and his toy was ruined, he was angry and pissed. Without realizing the state was angry and rampaging about it, triggered when his son dropped his favorite vase. Although the child's behavior dropped a vase is completely different than a friend's behavior ruined his

Sometimes we need to form a new state that we don't have. The only way is to teach ourselves as to the other people who already have this state. We can also strengthen the state that has not been properly materials. For example, a teenager who is difficult to care for others, because all this time in his family and environment, he was always bullied. So that he does not have a state of mind but debase people with shortcomings.

The ego that appears in childhood when we are children, now popularized with the term "innerchild". by reading the review above, we can understand that innerchild is not always associated with weakness, suffering or negative things. Innerchild can also be the state of fun, creative, curious, happy to learn, active and typical of the nature of the other children. Everything we can harness.

Those who have seen the "inside out" movie might be easier to understand about this state. In that film, 5 characters of the cartoon represent the state associated with emotion. In fact, it's certainly not that simple. State is not only one but can be very diverse. Very angry, upset, sulking, aggression, etc. Is some form of emotional emotion.

It's okay, we don't have to complicate things with it. Let the psych psychologist go and tamper with it. All we need is how we better understand ourselves and then take advantage of this knowledge to make ourselves better.

So, there's a lot of state inside that we need to listen to and reconcile. It's not much different from how we live social interaction. Those who are trained to deal with all kinds of people.

Kids are the best examples of how they reconcile the state of their own way through the concrete way of playing "pretend". when they talk and menjejerkan toys. Entertaining the grimhold, advising a cat that does not follow, etc.

These natural problems mechanisms typically plummet with age. Often because the environment is less supportive, by commenting negatively, laughing or considering the game is too childish (childish).

Teenager used to use his diary instead of a pretend game. He told me about his feelings and thoughts in the diary. They're pissy when someone else reads his diary. Because it's a great secret of him.

Adults used to talk. Best to friends, to yourself and more religious to God, in the solitude of the solitude. The way to talk is a good way, when it's meant to find a settlement. But this way is counterproductive when it's open to a lot of people (through medsos) so it's just a "show off problem", and don't be insight and inspiration in the

In the therapy room, the therapist invites clients to identify the state of the state's ego associated with the problem. Identify, listen to desire, meet the need and if it is not possible to fulfill his needs, then accept and forgive is a more offered way It's not always easy to acknowledge and accept the presence of State-State. Especially the negative ones by ourselves. Especially when state adjustment and defensive.

Very lucky if state is happy to study and try to remain dominant and maintained, so all this process, as challenging anything will be seen as a way to improve the quality of yourself.

" Allah does not burden a person but according to its capacity." (QS 2:286)

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