Indonesia Sold?

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Good people don't need the law to order them to act full of responsibilities, while the bad guys will always find a loophole around the law (Plato). There is a fundamental article in the fundamental laws in this country that nature's resources belong to the people and its country to run for the welfare of the people.      

In Islamic perspective, natural resources such as water, forests, oil, and gas belongs to the people or communities that cannot be sold or privatized to belong to individuals. Privatization of natural resources as the economic implementation of the economic system of capitalism. Because, the system of capitalism refers to the economic and liberalistik systems.       

This system puts individual interests above everything. Therefore, capitalism is often referred to as free enterprise or private enterprise. Private property for manufacturing tools and consumption (land, factories, roads, etc) with the purpose of stacking individual wealth is the main character of capitalism according to Milton. This concept is arising from John Locke's philosophy of philosophy.      

In his mind, Locke argued that his wealth was natural and detached from the power of the country. Justice for all indonesian people listed in pancasila will only be a utopia for small people. Of course, if applicable in this country, it is capitalism. Selling strategic assets for the people's well-being is a form of treason against this nation.      Because, the more privatization of privatization, then the more gaping of people's poverty. In the end, the country just became kapling-kapling the capitalist ones who only care for themselves. Economic Capitalism will make a gaping gap between the rich and the poor.      

The wealth of a country will only be ruled by a handful of greedy men. Meanwhile, from the social side, secularism is giving birth to individual immoral behavior that is far from religious values by taking refuge in human rights as individual rights to do anything.      

Secular Capitalism has brought self-desctructive from birth. The view of the world of capitalism is what it is to be the source of the modern world of sociological.       

Capitalism is a systematic and structured crime that is supported by the constitution of a criminal conspiracy and the ruler of the of of pragmatism. From the root of the matter it is the birth of a variety of poverty and crime in the society of the currents down because of the Capitalism systems seat the owners of the capital above the country. State sovereignty is under its power. The strategic economic factors are completely controlled by the capitalists who are able to control the various state policies. Sovereignty and justice in the state of kapitalistik is simply rhetoric, if not to be said as public lies.       

Instead of rulers will realize justice and the welfare of the people according to legal laws, with the system of capitalism it's just a country to be easily held in materialism.      

It's not too much to say that the country can be sold if this capitalism system. Not only until there, capitalism will give birth to a lot of wrongdoings for the little people. At least four evils of this capitalism system.     

First, the tyranny of politics. Considering the power of human beings by certain communities among them. A community that hogging this power is pleased to impose his will to the people.     

They did it without giving the right to anyone to express his opinion in a program and how to work. There has been an plundering of the people's rights in by the central nation's political power.       

Second, social oppression. The process of penjaringan in the system of capitalism was given only to the people of money and who wanted to take a bribe or a gratuity. As a result, people who actually have honesty and integrity don't have a chance at all if they don't have money.      

Capitalism so discriminating against the righteous people are worthy to be leaders. Proving how much corruption of corruption is a way to restore political capital in the system of capitalism.       

Third, economic iniquity. Growing a capitalist social class that has abundant wealth on one side, but there is a very poor social class on the other side. A handful of people can exceed the wealth of hundreds of millions of people.        This has been caused by not the creation of the distribution of the country's distribution of countries. Therefore, grow a rich social class (capitalist) who is greedy and evildoer. Grew up with a lot of ribawi. The fourth, the tyranny of souls. Kapitalistik society is not built on the base of brotherhood, but coercion and importance. This is what then eliminates the clarity of the Lord and the people.        

They've grown into a weak oppressor. Their souls became dark full of selfishness and kecongkakan. As a result, the various forms of crime and criminality are flourishing from the rulers to the commoners. People have suffered a lot of stress and depression due to the stresses of economic pressure.      

If it is, it is better to be the ruler of the land.      

It's not hard to understand that this country has almost collapsed in the end of this materialism. May the rulers do not do misdiagnosis so to perform an act of malapraktek over this country's disease.       

From here hopefully the Islamic system can be the best alternative for the elixir of this country's chronic disease. 

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