In Obedience, We are Tested

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - What proves the truth of someone's faith? The answer is a test. A test bestowed upon his servant to prove the truth of his faith. Without the test of a person, the faith of that man has not been proven. That is what Allah says in the Qur ' an:

Do people think they'd let them say mom and not be tried?

Does man think that he will not be tested?

There is no God but he. Trials that prove the truth of faith. A test that lifts him. A test that proves his love to his loved ones.

Not only friends forged the test, even the prophet. Possessions and spirits have risked their lives. Not only his men, but the women take part. Sumayyah must stretch life, and be the first syahidah in Islam. When facing persecution, Prophet. (O Muhammad saw), the promise of Allah is true.

(Muhammad), the rich, the rich, the self-sufficient. Patiently accompany, serve and give spirit to his beloved husband. A lot of faith in Mecca. When he was over 50 years old, he was patiently climbing jabal nur to accompany her husband in the middle of there.

She was accompanied for 3 years her husband was boycotted with the Banu Hashim and abdul muthallib in Shia Talib, in Mecca. Abu Bakr, ' Umar, ' Uthman, Ali, ' Abdurrahman, suhaib and the other friends have proved their faith. A test for their exams. They do not complain, for they will not complain. He will say, " O my Lord! In fact, they have raised their ranks, and the proof of his love to his beloved. He said:

The penalty is with the scourge of woe, and if god loves a people, he will be satisfied with the satisfaction of him and his indignation

Indeed is the reward of a great trial. If Allah loves a people, he will give them a trial. Whoever is pleased, he will be pleased with God. Who is not well-pleased, then he has the right to receive his wrath. 4031. Declared Hasan by Al-Albani].

How severe the tests were ra., but he remained patient. How severe the test faced by khadija ra. With his family, but he's still patient. The same test as well as other friends, and they remain patient. When they escaped from this test, Allah swt gave a remarkable reward.

Sumayyah gets paradise, " Inna want ' Idakum Al-Jannah." " the promise that God has given you is paradise]. khadija received a greeting from God and Gabriel, and developed a home in heaven for him, " attains salami-llahi WA, successful bana laha baitan the al-Jannah." [Greet God and my best. Indeed Allah has built for him a house in heaven. Thus is the recompense of their deeds.

Then, when we are tested by Allah, he will be pleased with him, and be patient. Such are the believers. As good.

" it is truly remarkable. If he was given good, he was grateful. If he's bad luck, he's patient." [HR. Muslim]. we also have to keep husnudhan [make sense] to Allah swt. Because our persangkaan is who will also become "Persangkaan" God to us. " I followed my slave persangkaan to me." [HR. Bukhari-Muslim]. we must always be sure, that test for the test is the sign of his love to us.

The story of majnun and Laila is the same in love to describe it. Sufi used to use it for for. Majnun, who is considered insane, for his love of Laila, willing to line up with someone else in the banquet. If everyone else is lining up for food, no majnun. He stood patiently not for food, but for wanting to meet and see his lover, Laila. As soon as a turn, majnun even a plate in his hand to Laila. Laila looked at her with love, and miss wanting to go back to meet her. However, Laila didn't feed him, it just broke his plate.

" poor, majnun Someone says, " Majnun, her love has been rejected by laila." but her majnun has always been positive, husnuddhan to Laila. Though Laila has broken the plate, but majnun is not angry. He is pleased and grateful, for that's the sign of Laila, his lover wants majnun to see him again. Majnun, the one who is in love with Laila, the stronger her love, because he knows, that the love of Laila is so extraordinary. Majnun is back in line. Willing to stand not to get food, but to meet, see and make out with Laila.

Sometimes we feel sad, when we repent and try to obey, the trials come to hell. Long life, economy drag, short and variety. In such conditions, sometimes we feel abandoned by God. Though, " the feeling that breathes into our minds is satan. If we follow, and we leave the path of obedience, then God will abandon us.

Then we will not be able to do so.

So, our love to him, and his love to us. Love that brings pain, but it feels good. Sick, poignant and unsettled, ' cause we're both in love. That is the pain that we have to experience so that we reach our eternal love, Allah swt.

How wonderful, the expression of the love of al-Bushiri in his burdah temple:

• Why do both your eyes still hatch tears? You tried to keep him in check.

And why does your heart always be discouraged?

But you have had to divert him.

• is the man who whupped love That the fire of love can be covered in its flames Among tears of tears And a burning heart burning

• Supposing there is no love that scratch Impossible you overflow your tears Mourn the ruins of memories of the past In Memory of the tire trees and the mountain you miss

• How can you deny love While the witness has witnessed it Be tears And got sick so miserable

• Unfortunate misery has formed the two lines Sobs and faint weak pain Like a yellow and red rose That is attached to the cheek two

• Indeed the shadow of the people I love Always came to wake me up to wake up And indeed love as a hindrance to the siempunya Between Him and the delights of love that end pain

• O backbiter love love udzrahku I'm sorry I told you. I'm sure if you feel the pain. There is no way you're cursing

• My situation has reached you There are no more hidden secrets from you. From a man who likes to complain. And the suffering of my love has never been lost

• You are so sincere to me But I can't listen to that advice. Because the people in love are in love Deaf andn't o biter May we remain steadfast in his path, because of love. Because he truly loves us more than our love to him.[]

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